What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 25, 2020 01:44 PM

i got the call at 4 am. My niece screaming into the phone “Aunty, Cassie’s dead!! They’re all dead!!” Then just tons of sobbing.

I tried to make sense of what was going on. They knew they could call me any time for a ride… my head spinning.

A gentleman had gotten on the phone. He said that the kids had crashed in his yard and it was bad. Some were out milling around and there was one hanging out of the car. I heard my niece sobbing.

I got directions. I don’t remember driving there. I had called my daughter’s phone. She answered. I asked her “what’s going on?” She told me they must have crashed. She’s trapped and hanging out of the car and can’t feel her legs. I couldn’t breathe. Cassie told me “Mama, don’t freak; if you freak I’ll freak.”

I pulled up to the scene. It was too much for me to process. I felt like my eyes were cameras taking snapshots.

I see my daughter hanging out of the car. I look; no fire or ambulance. I got there first. I look and see my niece with a woman trying to comfort her. I look and see my daughter’s best friend holding her hands to her mouth spinning in circles. I look and see another one of my daughter’s friends just walking aimlessly. I look and I see the boy who I do not know sitting on the sidewalk crying, rocking back and forth. I look … what do I do?

My daughter needs me, her friends need me. I’m the only parent there. My niece needs me. I triage in my head who do I go to first. I run to my daughter.

I try to push her hair out of her face. She’s leaning out of the car, which is split in half. There’s a telephone pole down the middle. She is calm she tells me she’s OK but can’t feel her legs. She tells me to go to her cousin. Make sure her friends are OK. I’m torn, but there’s no one there to help me.

I don’t remember much of anything. I just wanted it to be over. I wanted my daughter out of that mangled car. I saw ambulances and one police car. They rush to my daughter.

I gathered all the other kids. Made them call their parents. They all left in an ambulance. They worked on getting my daughter out with the Jaws of Life. They sawed and hacked that car till they got her out.

She was medevaced to Boston. On the way there they lost her twice. Upon her arrival in Boston Beth Israel hospital, they were waiting for her. They whisked her away.

I had to sign tons of paperwork. She needed two pints of blood immediately! She needed exploratory surgery. I had to sign papers if I wanted them to save her if she coded. I had to sign papers to have them put her in a medical coma. It was too much. All within an hour my child was hanging out of a car and might die. Too much.

Her injuries were severe. Her bladder lacerated, her pelvis shattered in a million pieces. A crushed tail bone. A femoral artery tear. Chipped front teeth.

They couldn’t pin her pelvis. She had shattered, not broken. She was in severe pain. They said about as much as a human can stand without dying.

She stayed in Boston for a month before they could transfer her close enough to home. She was an hour away.

I still had a son at home and at the time I wasn’t with their father. We hadn’t been together for years.

So I was a single mother. I still had to work while she was in the hospital or we’d lose everything. I traveled back and forth for a month in the dead of winter. Through snow storms sometimes. I’ve never felt so overwhelmed in my life.

I went back to work a week after her accident, and I’ve worked at this place for a very long time. All of my customers knew what had happened. Some would leave huge tips because they figured I needed the help. Thank God there were kind people.

This one customer who came in all the time has known about my daughter’s accident from the first day. She would come in when it was slow to check on me. She would hug me. She wiped I don’t know how many tears from my face. Listened to all my issues. She was just the most amazing woman. She had expressed her adoration of me and my resiliency to be able to handle everything and still go to work and provide for my family and just do life. She was so comforting to me. She truly was my angel at the time.

They did move my daughter to physical rehab. She had to be taught how to walk again. She had to have immense amounts of rehab. She was closer but it still was taking its toll.

Now she had been there for three months. They told me that I could take her home and bring her to a satellite location closer to me for physical therapy. Only thing was she still couldn’t walk. As a result, I would need a wheelchair for her.

Not a big deal, right? This was all coming to an end, or so I thought. I had called the apothecary to get her wheelchair and her insurance to pay for the rental.

I was told that her insurance wouldn’t cover it, but to rent it was beyond my means. I was already financially ruined. We were just making it. I couldn’t work more because if she’s home I needed to take care of her. But I can’t even bring her home. No wheelchair and no one knew how I could get one. I was despondent.

I was at work the day after and my angel had come in to check on me. She asked how things were going. I think everything I had been holding just came out. She started to hug me as I was sobbing. I was crying from so far inside it hurt. I was a mess. Trying to keep it together. All I wanted was my daughter home. This woman kept hugging me. She told me everything was going to work out. She swore I’d find the right person who could help me. She told me to stay strong my children needed me. She then kissed my forehead and left.

I was finishing up for my shift and the phone rang. I answered it and the person the other end asked for me. I was shocked. I never get calls at work. I was a tad scared, honestly, for a minute.

The man on the other end says, “Mrs Kelly, you can come to pick up the wheelchair anytime.” I had told him it must be a mistake because insurance made it clear they weren’t paying and I was sorry if the last person I spoke to if I led them to believe I would pay the rental fee. It must be a mistake.

He went on and told me that a Mrs. Jones had come in and rented the wheelchair for as long as my daughter needed. And would I like them to drop it off or would I like to pick it up.

I lost it. I dropped the phone. I never expected in a million years a stranger would go so deep in their pockets to pay for something I really needed.

I called the rehab. Got them to start on getting my daughter sorted out to come home.

That was the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me. This woman I will never forget. I saw her about two months after. I thanked her profusely and told her I would pay her back over time. I didn’t want to just take something. She had told me no, she didn’t want me to pay it back. She did it because she knew how much I wanted my daughter home, and she wanted to make that happen.

I haven’t seen her since. But thank God for people like that. I, too, have gone out of my way with acts of kindness for others in my heart. I do so because I know how much better my life got at that moment, and I believe in paying it forward.

Sorry so long. Really got into writing this one. I tried to stay on the topic, but that accident is another story in itself. Maybe I’ll write that one day.


A lot of people are asking how my daughter is and I thank you all for being so kind. My daughter is now 25. The only lasting thing she has from the accident is her foot drags when she’s tired. She has no feeling in the bottom side of that one foot. Thank God she had amazing physical therapists who worked with her. At 17 it was hard emotionally for her. She missed out on her senior year of high school but she did graduate. Made it to one of her teen milestones: Prom. I cried because I thought she might never walk again. We had a lot of emotional things we both had to work out from that accident. It changed both of us.

I’m beyond happy to say she is now pregnant with her first child due October 12th. They weren’t sure if she’d be able to carry a child due to her pelvis being shattered. She had three miscarriages before this pregnancy. The doctors say she is 95 percent out of the woods for it to happen again since she’s this far along. We couldn’t be happier.

As far as why at the time I couldn’t just get a wheelchair, it wasn’t that easy. No hospital is just going to let you borrow one. It was never offered, even though they knew I needed one to take her home. And the boy who was driving, it was his mother’s car and she had the lowest insurance coverage allowed by law in the state of Massachusetts. Her medical bills were well over $100 thousand. And when it was all done and said as far as what my daughter received in insurance payout from the accident it was laughable: $30 thousand. That’s all. His mother had 60/40

coverage. There were 5 kids hurt in that car including the driver. $60 grand split between 5 kids doesn’t go far. My daughter got the most. We weren’t interested in suing him or his parents. He was a kid. He didn’t intentionally set out to hurt anyone. That could have been my kid driving that night. They all make horrible mistakes. My daughter had accountability for getting into that car with a kid she knew was drinking. She knew better. And the kid driving I’m sure is living with what happened that night for the rest of his life. I forgave him and so did my daughter.

As for the woman who was so kind to me, I didn’t use her real name because I didn’t think that was my place to name her.

Edit number #2.

My daughter had her baby…oct18th 2019 at 5:55 am. 8 lbs 22 inchs. A perfect healthy boy. We had a bit of a scare due to her pelvis being shattered from that accident so long ago. Her body just couldn’t push him out so a c-section brought this amazing boy into the world. I am a grandmother. I call myself “ Shammy “ it’s Shannon and grammy mashed together. Cassandra is an amazing mother. That accident so long ago didn’t steal one of the most amazing gifts my daughter could have…..her son!! Here he is. Please let me intoduce DESMOND ❤❤❤

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