What’s your most “This doesn’t seem right” moment? And what happened?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 25, 2020 01:38 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 25, 2020 01:38 PM

Originally Answered: What was your “something doesn’t feel right here…” moment?
Two summers ago my husband and kids went away for a long weekend, but I had to work so I stayed home.

Most weekends I am at the gym both Saturday and Sunday, but on Sunday I decided to skip the gym and take my dog on a long walk.

Near our house there was a new housing development being built with is say approximately 20% of the houses done, the rest were vacant lots. The week before a neighbor of mine said he had walked through there and it was looking nice, so when I went for the walk Sunday I decided to walk through that area.

The neighborhood is small in size with very small lots. As I said, very few homes had been built and even fewer were owner occupied. Some sidewalks had already been installed, but because of the non existent traffic, I was mostly walking in the street close to the curb.

I passed one house and the garage door was open and I could hear music coming from inside. I noticed a tan truck in the driveway and another white van. These were tradesmen working inside the house, as there wasn’t even a driveway yet, so probably finishing up getting it ready to be listed.

I kept walking past and my dog stopped to sniff around a corner lot which was nothing but dirt. My back was to the street and waiting for my dog to finish smelling whatever she found. I hear behind me a man ask what kind of dog she was. I turned and I see the tan truck I had just passed a half block earlier and a man behind the wheel as again. I responded with her breed and he said how much he loves dogs. He then got out of his car to see my dog closer.

My dog is very friendly (and not quite 20lbs) and this man was very interested in her. Asking a lot of questions. Petting her and saying how he’s always wanted a dog exactly like this. He was acting oddly looking back at his truck and us. I started to wonder if he planned to steal my dog.

He then started asking about me. Was I married? I told him I was. He said my husband was a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife. Now my hairs were standing up. I was glancing in either direction, but nobody was coming. I didn’t know how to get out of there fast enough as I was wearing flip flops and there wasn’t a good path direct to the next main street.I was trying to keep it casual and started saying, “well, better get back to my walk,” etc.

He said, “no, come on with me, we can go to the store,” while motioning to his truck (which was still running). At this point my dog was jumping on me and looking straight in my eyes as I think she sensed something was up. I simply told him I don’t need to go to the store and I need to keep walking.

He got in his car and drove off, but I was panicked! I didn’t know if he would circle around and force me into his car or what, so I was getting out of that neighborhood as fast as I could while looking back like a mad woman making sure he wasn’t coming back. I was calling my husband on the phone and when he picked up I told him where I was and to stay on the phone with me until I got home.

I don’t know if he had absolute ill intentions, but I do believe they weren’t honest one. And all I could think is I could be dragged into one of those vacant houses and not a whole lot could be done.

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