What’s your response to Singaporeans saying Malaysia is a reminder of how Singapore could’ve been as a failed state?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 12, 2020 05:12 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 12, 2020 05:12 AM

I am a Johorean and from my village I could see Singapore across the Straits of Johor. If Malaysia is a failed state, I could swim across the Straits of Johor to Singapore and seek help from Singaporeans. As it is, I would rather sit under a coconut tree on the Malaysian side looking at the bright lights of Singapore. It has never crossed my mind that I would be better off living in Singapore. I would never live in Singapore, even if I was paid to do it.

I know a lot of Singaporeans, and I have a lot of relatives in Singapore. Of course, because of the nature of my work, the Singaporeans I know are mostly very educated and well mannered. Almost all of them are very nice, helpful and polite. When I read this question, I immediately knew that the person who asked this question is a different kind of Singaporean, probably someone who is cocooned in his or her HDB flat somewhere in Choa Chu Kang housing estate.

However, I am getting immune to questions like this. There are so many questions in Quora comparing Malaysia to Singapore, mostly to put Malaysia in a bad light. They may not necessarily come from Singaporeans, it could be from disgruntled Malaysians. One particulary stupid question is, “When Malaysia and Singapore are at war, who would win?” And some of the answers were extremely rude and arrogant, mostly from Singaporeans (the uneducated ones, I suspect, from the way they wrote). They bragged about the superiority of their air force, the high tech submarines that Singapore got, etc, etc. They claimed that Singapore could run down Malaysia within a day.

I pity those people with inferiority complex who need to belittle friends, neighbours and relatives in order to feel superior. If those few Singaporeans feel that Malaysia is a failed state, then that is their problem. Malaysia will continue to develop at its own pace, not feeling inferior to nor frightened at Singapore. Unlike Singapore, Malaysia does not spend a vast amount of its budget on defence, nor does it seek help from big powers to protect it. It is an independent country, safe, secure, confident and happy. It has no interest in invading a small island with few natural resources.

That being said, we have to accept that there are ill mannered people in any country who haven’t got the intellect and better things to do but to provoke people. They are like road bullies, who provoke other motorists for no apparent reason. They are best ignored. Let their anger and unhappiness be their own punishments.

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