When will Paypal come to Pakistan


When will Paypal come to Pakistan

Mudassir Ali 11 months 1 Answer 148 views

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  1. Summing up the previous answers and adding a new context that make a real sense why PayPal did not come to Pakistan so far and then going to convince them being an economist, I would follow this:

    PayPal is risk averse. It does not try to invest or operate in a mid-ranked risky business environment.
    Pakistan did not have any technologically and viable internet based banking and still it has no internation-online-banking transfer of money system.
    Market size has not yet reached a potential level where most people uses online banking or credit cards for online buying. Thought the recent revolution in internet since the last decade in Pakistan has paved way for online banking but still more consumers order products through cash on delivery.

    Saying this, I can see a potential market for PayPal it the State Bank of Pakistan allows any local partner bank/operator of money transfer online internationally for PayPal, it can be a huge plus for the operator, PayPal and consumers as well.

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