Where are the best places to visit in Malaysia?


Where are the best places to visit in Malaysia?

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  1. Sarawak

    If your idea of a vacation is to just plug off and immerse yourself into nature, then Sarawak would be just the thing for you. Home to some of the most diverse rainforests in the world and a major part of the third largest island (Borneo) in the world, Sarawak has an interesting selection of unique forms of wildlife and plants. Be it trekking through the national parks, seeing the Orang Utans, or just getting away from the concrete mess, Sarawak is truly one of the biggest hidden gems of Malaysia.

    Cameron Highlands

    Deemed as Malaysia’s largest hill station, Cameron Highlands is every bit the beautiful remains from the English colonization. The Brits made the best out of the very few hill stations that our tropical country has by transforming it to their idea of the English plains then. With fragrant whiffs of mountain air, tea plantations and colorful, juicy strawberry plantations, and very Victorian looking cosy little cottages, Cameron Highlands is an irresistible travel destination.

    Langkawi Island

    Langkawi is known to be one of the most visited places in Malaysia and with its sandy strip of beaches, blue-green waters and a great selection of resorts its easy to see why it a favourite travel spot. To top if off, the island also has an amazing selection of resorts and hotels to choose from, each place positioned to best enjoy the beauty of Langkawi.


    If you love history, old buildings and ancient ruins, pay a trip to this historical town in the southern part of Malaysia. Almost all the buildings and houses in this town are at least a century old, with some even dating back to the 18th century. The buildings are well preserved, with some bathed in a motley of colours, giving it an almost cartoon town-like appearance.

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