Where do I learn about Blockchain?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 12, 2020 10:52 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 12, 2020 10:53 AM

There are lots of courses available online, but seriously, the only way to really learn blockchain is to do blockchain stuff yourself.

Here is how you can do it.

If you do all of these steps, you know already know a metric ton about blockchain.I also put the time behind how long each point will probably take.

Setting up a node on a blockchain such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, Nano (1-2 days each)
Reading all of my 400 answers on Quora. As a blockchain developer it’s not only enough to program blockchains, you also need to know which things to develop, because some things are bad (permissioned and trusted networks, mining pool centralization). Reading all of my answers, gives you a very good overview of all things that are important around the blockchain, namely decentralization, scalability, security, all kinds of attacks, marketability of a blockchain, different blockchain technologies, advantages and disadvantages of blockchain technologies over one another, evolution of blockchains (1st gen, 2nd gen, 3rd gen), bad blockchain design choices, fallacies in blockchain design, removing emotional bias in blockchain technologies. (1-2 days)
Understanding what a consensus algorithm is. Here I listed the 14 most used consensus algorithms these days. Current consensus algorithms (1–2 days)
Forking an existing blockchain, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum (3–5 days)
Forking a wallet ( 3 days)
Changing the consensus algorithm in your fork (1 week)
Setting up a testnet for that fork and putting it online (1-2 months)
Once, you have done that, you are already very far ahead in terms of blockchain development. There are probably less than 1,000 developers that have done the above things and there is currently a lot of demand for blockchain developers.

Currently, blockchain developers are mostly only needed by people who want to start their own cryptocurrency, which aren’t that many.

Once banks, governments, Fortune 500 companies start to adopt blockchain, this need will explode and blockchain will go into the mainstream.

If you want to complete your blockchain knowledge and know everything about blockchain development, you can also do these 2 things

Writing a smart contract and putting it online on a decent platform such as Ethereum, Elastos or Aeternity (3–5 days)
Writing a dapp and putting it online on a decent smart contract platforms such as Ethereum, Elastos or Aeternity (2–4 weeks)
Then you are among only 200 developers worldwide probably and very in demand.


So, these are the steps to become a real blockchain developer. This all only takes 2–3 months in total, so the learning curve is very steep.

I believe blockchain developers will be the developers most in demand in 2 years, so it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

The best way to learn this is by joining a blockchain company, so this way you will actually get paid.

Over the last months, I have connected to a lot of blockchain development companies, since I’m considering launching my own blockchain. There are only a few dozen blockchain companies per country right now, but they are looking for good developers all the time.

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