Where is the best NGO Foundation in Pakistan?

I want to know that where is the NGO founFounda in Pakistan? Help me

Asked on January 19, 2019 in Advice.
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    Pakistan: NGOs Directory / List


    This website is a comprehensive directory of all the major NGOs and NPOs working in Pakistan. You will find list of NGOs categorized according to area or work …
    Answered on January 22, 2019.
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    Everyone knows that through the media, the world is judging our country wrongly, but one thing which is famous about our country is Pakistan is known as the most charitable nations in the world. The hospitality in our country is outstanding that one must praise it.

    NGOs generally known as non-governmental organizations are the non-profit foundations that work to change the conditions of depressed people. The foundations attend health, environment, rural, agricultural, educational, unemployment and social troubles.

    In Islam, helping the poor and believe in the humanity is one of the strongest pillars that we follow. We the Pakistanis never deny to help others in any way where some people do charity and others just give Zakat to needy people. We have received it in our heritage.

    Here is the list of top 10 NGOs in Pakistan, which make us proud that we are living in Pakistan.

    1. Edhi Foundation

    On the top, there is none other than the Edhi Foundation, which is the biggest name in the history of Pakistan. It is working across the world on non-commercial and non-political basis. The main aim of this foundation is to serve the people round the clock without any discrimination of color, caste, creed and color. Handling by Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi and Mrs. Bilquis Edhi, has the famous and the largest task force of ambulances in the world.

    Edhi Foundation NGO

    Source: peacepak.pk


    2. Chhipa Welfare Association

    This amazing NGO of Pakistan operates just like the “Edh Foundation for the poors”. The Chhipa Welfare Association is a non-profit organization in Pakistan working for pure humanity. It was started by Ramzan Chhipa, who is kind hearted to provide all types of help. This foundation helps the newly born babies to survive in the most appropriate atmosphere.

    Chhipa Welfare Association

    Source: dailymotion


    3. Agha Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP)

    In 1982, the Agha Khan Rural Support Programme was established to provide the best and quality life for the poor and the people of the villages. It is an NGO, which is working for the deprived people of Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral. The NGO came into operation to put the best efforts to reduce the complications of people and make them move towards betterment.

    Agha Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP)

    Source: consumernewspk.com


    4. Shahid Afridi Foundation

    This foundation is in the process by Shahid Afridi, who made it possible to construct a school and a hospital in Pakistan. This foundation will promote the best medical practices with the modern education to the public. According to Parhlo, Shahid Afridi’s name is in the list of most charitable sportsman in the world who said;

    “I have gained a great deal of experience within my cricketing career and this has helped me to serve people around me. I now want to take this further and help.”

    Shahid Afridi is one of the most generous cricketers in the world, giving large amount of his money for the charity purposes and that’s the reason we love him.

    Shahid Afridi Foundation

    Source: Facebook


    5. Aurat Foundation

    This foundation was established in 1986 with the view to create awareness and commitment for a caring and democratic society in the Pakistan. In this society, women should be treated equally like men and women have the rights to live with dignity. The Aurat Foundation is now recognized as the nationally and internationally leading institutions. It is popular in other corners of the world for its outstanding promotion of trust and association among inhabitants. Moreover, it also works for women empowerment.

     Aurat Foundation proud

    Source: www.af.org.pk


    6. Ansar Burney Trust International

    The Ansar Burney Trust International is a non-governmental and also non-profitable, that works for the human and civil rights through the public donation and money generated through private firms. This organization is directed by the Ansar Burney himself, who is also handling the Prisoners Aid Society to help the innocent people by letting them free from the jail. This organization has brilliant establishment that insures the lawfulness and legality in Pakistan.

    Ansar Burney Trust International

    Source: google.com


    7. Darul Sakun

    The another NGO – is a home for the mentally disabled children and adults who are alone and have been left by their family. Once, Sr. Gertrude visited these kinds of people from Holland, but make up her mind to stay here and work for these people. In this way, she opened a home for them. This NGO is a home to disabled people residing on the streets and witnessing the harshness of their loved ones. Darul Sakun is an exceptional center for the needy people.

    Darul Sakun our proud

    Source: Facebook


    8. Lahore Musical Forum

    An unconventional NGO in Lahore, that helps the train classical musicians to come up with new life. This forum promotes the musical standards of classical music in Pakistan and raise new stars because of absence of a platform. It is really an out of the box NGO, where musicians could perform for fellow musicians and connoisseurs. This NGO is working efficiently in Pakistan.

    Lahore Musical Forum

    Source: Shugal.com


    9. Saylani Welfare International Trust

    It is one of the most famous NGO’s of Pakistan, which is working for the poor people by providing them different platforms. This trust gives the people free food every single day with the name of ‘free for all’. Through different aids from different parts of the world, each and every penny is being spent on the needy people. This organization has become a backbone of the poor society and provides a proper help after a complete inquiry survey.

    Saylani Welfare International Trust

    Source: Shugal.com


    10. Youth Parliament Of Pakistan

    The Youth Parliament Of Pakistan is another unorthodox NGO that helps the young people to practice and develop democratic interest in order to run their country in better ways. It also translates and nurture the young talent in Pakistan into tangible action. Youth Parliament of Pakistan (YPP) is a non-political, non-profit, and non religious program to translate the talent of Pakistan into community service.

    Youth Parliament Of Pakistan

    Source: tribune.com.pk

    One must feel proud that in our Pakistan, human rights play an important role through these NGO’s.

    Answered on January 22, 2019.
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