Where is the safest place to be in Canada to avoid getting the coronavirus?

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  1. There’s no such thing as a safe place from ANY illness. At the moment, most cases are in Ontario and BC, with at least one in Quebec of which I am aware.

    There are all kinds of contradictory predictions, but most experts expect coronavirus will spread throughout Canada and the US, as it is already spreading through much of Europe and Asia.

    There is no need to panic. Most infected people don’t even feel any symptoms, and most others have only mild symptoms. Fewer than 1% of those infected die, with the exception of those over 80. Unless you are over 80 or have a weak immune system, treat it like any case of flu – wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water and wear a mask in public in case an infected person coughs right near you. Frankly, at this point I’m not even doing that even though I am vulnerable to respiratory illnesses. That’s because I pay attention to the FACTS, not the lies on social media..

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