Which airline is the safest and best for travelling?

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  1. Originally Answered: Which is the safest airline to fly?
    We have to consider many different aspects.
    – Total accidents and incidents
    – Delays
    – Pilot Training
    – Aircraft maintenance

    To be more specific, I would list out the safest airlines in the world and then in Asia and India.
    In The World

    Qantas from Australia
    Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar from the middle east
    Lufthansa from Germany
    Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong
    Almost all Indian Airlines excluding Air India Express
    Tie – Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways
    All Nippon Airways from Japan
    Tie – Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, both from UK
    KLM from The Netherlands
    Turkish Airlines
    Swiss from Switzerland
    Tie – jetBlue and Delta from USA.
    In Asia

    Emirates, Etihad and Qatar
    Cathay Pacific
    All Indian carriers except Air India Express
    Singapore airlines
    Turkish Airlines
    China Southern
    Garuda Indonesia
    Sri Lankan Airlines
    Vietnam Airlines
    Malaysia Airlines
    Air China
    Japan Airlines
    Philippine Airlines
    In India

    IndiGo, Vistara, Jet Airways
    GoAir, Spicejet, Air India

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