Which alternatives do you have to using PayPal?

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  1. Using PayPal Alternatives

    While there are certainly some biased answers posted here, the right answer is: what problem are you trying to solve for? PayPal serves many different types of solutions so to say that ABC is a good alternative or DEF is a better one is frankly a waste of time.
    If you are looking to simply accept credit card payments on a website, Stripe, Braintree and the like are good alternatives PayPal with pluses and minuses.
    If you need to accept native currencies in 15 or more countries, there are not many good alternatives.
    If you want a way to move money around between friends with low fees, Venmo is a good option.
    If you want the lowest costs possible for accepting credit cards and have a nice volume of transactions, work with Cybersource, Paymentech and the like.
    I could seriously go on and one here. To get valid assistance we need some more direction and information. Good luck!

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