Which are the 5 strangest things that you discovered traveling abroad?

Mudassir Ali 11 months 1 Answer 83 views

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  1. In China, most of them do not speak English. Even in the International Airports like Guanghzou, I could not communicate to anyone without a Translator. But, people were really kind and helpful.
    I am in London for about a month and I didn’t hear a single horn sound. Believe me it’s true. It is a big shock because in India we honk a lot.
    In London, everything is designed to be very independent. The super markets have self checkout kiosk, scan, pay and leave and Tube stations have self-service kiosks which isn’t usual.
    In Ho chi Minh there are Spa and Massage parlours in every single lane. There are a lot of Traditional Vietnamese spas which are really good.
    In Taiwan, there is a this famous tea called bubble tea which became famous very recently. Its a tea with milk, sugar based pearls and Tapioca. People were crazy about it

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