Which are the major stock exchanges in the world?


Which are the major stock exchanges in the world?

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  1. NYSE – New york city. NYSE merged with Chicago-based Archipelago holdings in 2006, forming NYSE group. It later merged with Paris based Euronext to form first global equity exchange and currently is the largest.
    NASDAQ – New York city. NASDAQ is an American multinational financial service corporation that operates NASDAQ stock market and eight European stock exchanges.
    Tokyo stock exchange – Tokyo. Also known as tosho, located in Tokyo, Japan. It’s third largest stock exchange with 2292 listed companies with a whopping capitalization of 3.8 trillion$.
    London stock exchange – London. Found in 1801.Started basically to fund East India company by raising money by selling shares to merchants.
    Shanghai stock exchange – Shanghai. One of the two stock exchanges operated independently in China.
    Hong Kong stock exchange – Hong Kong. Located in Hong Kong. It has 1477 listed companies.
    Bombay stock exchange – Mumbai. Oldest stock exchange in Asia. Started back in 1850s. It has largest no of companies listed in the world with over 5112 Indian companies and over 8196 scrips.
    Deutsche Borse stocke exchange – Frankfurt. Based in Germany. It’s a joint stock company found in 1993.
    Six swiss Exchange – Zurich. Is Switzerland’s principle stock exchange. It’s controlled by an association of 55 banks.
    National Stock exchange Of India – New Delhi . Based in India. Fastest growing stock exchange in the world with a recorded growth of 16.6%

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