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  1. First, do ask yourself what do you want to see first. Each location in Malaysia offers slightly different places of interest so do be ready.

    If you’re in for shopping

    Then look no further. KL would be the best place for shopping. The number of malls in Kuala Lumpur is huge. And two of the ten largest shopping complexes in the world are located here in KL (One Utama and MidValley).

    If you’re looking for traditional goods, outskirt towns near borders would be a good bet. Places like Sungai Golok in Kelantan, Padang Besar in Kedah, Serian in Sarawak are good choices. Of course, there are other locations too.

    If you’re looking for duty free goods, try Langkawi and Labuan. Though I would recommend Langkawi more than Labuan as Labuan is a sleepy town.

    If you’re in for local tradition

    Try any town in Sabah, Sarawak. The diversity of culture there would be for you to see. Or just head to Kuching in Sarawak where you can go to Sarawak Cultural Village, which is about an hour’s drive.

    If you’re in for historical trip

    Places of interest would be Melaka (nearly whole of Melaka), whole of Sabah, Ipoh, Kampar, to name a few. Even in KL itself, there’s some historical sites.

    If you’re in for food

    Tough choice. You should visit the whole of Malaysia.

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