which are trusted travel agencies to plan my honeymoon trip?


which are trusted travel agencies to plan my honeymoon trip?

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  1. Originally Answered: How should I plan my honeymoon trip? As I am concerned about hidden cameras. which are trusted travel agencies?
    Congratulations for your marriage
    You want to go for a budget honeymoon then travel to a city which is hill station kind of where you can feel comfortable staying in a hotel.
    Whenever you go to book a hotel checkout reviews on net and then book. Medium size hotel would have no hidden cameras and you can feel relax while you stay.
    Apart from that if you want to check is there a hidden camera in room what you can do is when you enter the room
    Close all the curtains door and Windows
    And make the room dark now turn on your mobile camera and move all around the room. If there is a camera you would notice a light in your mobile and that’s the catch,
    Why you would notice a light because those camera are infra red and and they can be catches via mobile camera
    You can try same on TV REMOTE you would see the light passing when you switch your channel
    All the best for your hoenymoon
    Suggested places: mount Abu, otty , matheran, Kodaikanal.

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