Which best places in London?

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Muhammad Zeeshan
- Jul 31, 2019 07:42 AM

My favourite places to visit/things to do in London are:

  1. The Tower of London – it’s an incredible thousand-year-old building in the centre of London. You can see the Crown Jewels, the famous ravens and learn about all the Kings and Queens’ enemies who were imprisoned there.
  2. Churchill War Rooms – the underground rooms from which Winston Churchill commanded the British forces during WW2. Also, it’s a 10-minute walk from Buckingham Palace, so you can see that too while you’re in the area.
  3. A boat trip on the Thames – there’s no better way to introduce yourself to the city. You can see so much from the river.
  4. The view – if you don’t mind paying, the London Eye is always fun. If you want to keep the costs down, the Tate Modern art gallery has a free viewing platform which offers a great view (and you can also look inside some multi-million-pound flats & see how the 1% live!)
  5. Theatres – The West End has countless plays going on constantly. For a historical theatrical experience, you can’t beat the reconstructed Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (you can also take a tour without seeing a play). And if you’re in London over the summer, I recommend the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. It’s such a fun experience, but take a raincoat because this is London, after all!
  6. Harry Potter film studios – they’re actually in Watford, not London, but you can get a bus directly there. A must-see if you’re a Harry Potter fan. Also while you’re in London, you can have your photo taken at the Platform 9 and 3/4 “entrance” at Euston Station.
  7. Trafalgar Square – It’s one of the most famous locations in London, and you can visit the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery, as well as seeing the famous lions and columns.
  8. Museums – there’s the British Museum, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Imperial War Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum. There’s an infinite amount of stuff to see.
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