Which countries would benefit from the economic collapse of the …


Which countries would benefit from the economic collapse of the United States?

Mudassir Ali 6 months 1 Answer 109 views

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  1. I haven’t thought deeply about this, but my first guess is: none. In so far as countries are economically connected, the connections are generally positive. In particular, (i) to the extent that economic collapse hinders technological innovation, this will adversely impact living standards around the world, particularly so since the US is an important source of technological innovation, (ii) the US is an important trading partner, direct and indirect, for a large number of countries, (iii) a collapse in the US financial system would adversely affect the financial system worldwide, (iv) other channels, like international organizations such as the World Bank, UN, private charities etc., would also suffer economically in case of a US collapse.

    It’s possible that some countries like North Korea would be largely unaffected (though that’s unlikely too, because they depend on foreign aid, as Christian points out in the comments).

    Also, some countries that the US government is conducting wars or other covert operations in might benefit if the economic depression leads to a scale-back of the wars and you believe that the wars are on net harmful to the countries.

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