Which country faces the least risk of getting affected by the deadly coronavirus?

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  1. Originally Answered: Where is the safest place on Earth to avoid catching the coronavirus?
    David, you are probably safest at home. Rather than try to take extraordinary measure & come into contact with a lot of people doing so. If there is no outbreak in your region, don’t concern yourself but stay aware. In many countries the only cases are citizens they evacuated to isolation & treatment. So when they say there a X number of infections within your country, this might be what they mean. Even if there are XX cases. Just stay aware of all the numbers aren’t the only story. Listen to what your public health official say. Not some hearsay posting on some website.

    These are captive cases. Or contained cases. The real problem is the cases walking around not knowing they are sick or won’t tell anyone. Cases ‘in the wild’ are the real nightmare. And the worst possible scenario of all is an isolated country with a woefully inadequate health care system. AND sure enough, Iran has a very high rate of infection that is being under reported. There is also a high rate of mortality of the cases reported also. There is no telling how bad it is in the Magic Kingdom of the North Korea. The Dear Leader will squelch any reporting at all. Nothing bad ever happens there, right?

    Take precautions right now like you should with the flu season. Carry a small bottle of alcohol based hand sanitizer. Wash your hands often & use the sanitizer. Avoid public transport if you can. Don’t touch your face so much (very important). I can’t see COVID-19 reaching a pandemic level, but you might buy more sanitizer & a gallon of bleach. No need to panic buy. This will probably be contained and basically go away. Except in the Magic Kingdom which will probably continue to infect the Chinese. If your region starts to see cases in the wild, buy a face mask. Listen carefully to what health officials are saying. It will be bad for the people that get sick & die of course but few are likely to do that.

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