Which country is best for studying masters in aeronautics and aerospace engineering?

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Which country is best for studying masters in aeronautics and aerospace engineering?

- Dec 23, 2019 07:00 PM

I had also same question in my mind when I was planning for MS in Aeronautical/Aerospace Engg. but after lot of study I have some countries where you can get holistic knowledge and do research.

So I have got best three countries but these are not based in rank

  1. Russia
  2. Germany
  3. USA


If you are doing graduation and you are not well in english and you have also money problems so russia is best country for you .

There is many public college where offering MS in aerospace and best think is there don’t require GRE and toefl or Ielts which cost approximately $350 . Another think When you apply for USA you would pay $50 for send your score in your University.

But in Russia you Directly Apply for university and send them Transcript after this they will notify you if are eligible for Academic some time they conducted a test after that you will get admission. and there is very less tuition fees

So you lookin cheaper and good you could choose russian university

But After MS you will get jobs or not I am Ambiguous. Because I couldn’t talk with there students However I think ,If you have good academic knowledge you will get jobs

2. Germany

Germany is good country for Higher education and research. There is many good Colleges for Ms in Aeronautical Engineering compare to other European Union. but Some college not provide you MS in core Aeronautical/ Aerospace However you could master in Design or Analysis field.

And most Important think is you could get easily college as well as Visa if you have good academic and work experience there very less tuition fees and you could also get scholarship.

However you could may have problem with language so after apply you should learn German A and B label but it’s not a big task your most of course there in english if any subject in German they will provide you extra class .

3. USA

USA is best as you know in every field There is very eminent colleges for study and research but there is very difficult to get admision .

If you planning for USA you should have well academic knowledge as well you should have work experience and you should have also good GRE and Toefl score.

But If you got selected there you will get amazing experience in study .

However There is many issues in there as like 1. When you graduated you have only one year visa extension after that should take H1 visa and after trump, you hardly get H1 visa.

2. There is very high tuition fees compare to other countries.

3. As a Indian you have Minimum 40 -60 lac loan for study there. And after study if you didn’t get H-1 visa or Job there you have difficulty to repay amount.

However if you get H1 Visa, there is not big deal to find job.

Guys if you are passionate for technology and you want to show you talented, you love to doing research you should choice USA.

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