Which country is the most populated in 2020?


Which country is the most populated in 2020?

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  1. Originally Answered: Which is the most populated country in 2020?
    It’s still China for right now. However, in a few years, they’ll be overtaken by India. China’s population is already leveling off and set to decline. India’s is still growing at a somewhat steady pace. Although its rate of growth is declining, it’s still growing faster than China. India still has fertility rates above replacement level whereas China’s fertility rate has been sub-replacement levels for decades.

    Some would argue that India’s population has already overtaken China’s, if they have reason to doubt the official population figures from China. The population gap between the two is now small enough such that slight underestimates or overestimates in China or India respectively, can easily put India in first place sooner than expected.

    So right now in 2020, I guess the answer to your question simply depends on whose estimates you use and the degree to which you distrust China’s official statistics

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