Which IPL team will you support in the Vivo IPL 2018?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 21, 2020 05:03 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 21, 2020 05:03 AM

Royal Challengers Bangalore

This team was led by Rahul Dravid initially. I am an avid fan of Rahul Dravid since early 2000’s and I’ve always idolized him.

RCB had a poor outing in the inaugural season. My support was full.

They sacked Rahul Dravid as skipper still I supported them. They had a good outing in second & third season as they finished runners up and being at number 3 respectively.

They sacked Rahul Dravid, Kumble, Kallis etc still I supported them.

They have some scintillating records under their name. Virat Kohli, AB De Villiers and Chris Gayle have dominated in all the seasons for RCB excluding 1–2.

They had :

They have :

And over that they’ve something even more amazing. Yes the crowd of M. Chinnaswamy stadium 🙂

Team fails. Team gets all out under 50. Opposition scores fastest fifty.

They don’t care. The noise won’t go down. Chants of RCB… RCB…. RCB….RCB… ABD…ABD… ABD…KOHLI….KOHLI…KOHLI…!

They left Gayle this year but the support will remain the same.

Doesn’t matter if they win the trophy or not, these 2 months we witness some prolific cricket from them and enjoy that.



#RCBForever ❤️

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