Which IPL teams look the best and worst in the IPL auctions in 2018?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 22, 2020 05:18 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 22, 2020 05:18 AM

Analyzing all the teams, let’s rank them from worst to best.

Chennai Super Kings- They have the lack of form. During the auctions they were more attracted towards emotions than specialist players. They lack in fast bowling and bench strength.

Mumbai Indians- Most probably they were planning for the future than the present. They lack in their bench strength. Most of them are newbies in the game and lack the experience of match pressure. The core is phenomenal but not a tournament winning core.

Kolkata Knight Riders- They have a dominant core with a good balance but again lack in bench strength. Even the two Australian players they bought are injury prone which can be a setback. They even don’t have a regular captain which can be one of the reasons if the fail.

Rajasthan Royals- They went big for many players and thus lack in bench strength. Their batting core is really good but lack in their bowling. They may be the previous rcb team.

Kings XI Punjab- They were the most impressive bidders in the auction. They have a great batting department and spin department. The only two drawbacks are the lack of a good captain and not having a good fast bowler other than Andrew Tye.

Sunrisers Hyderabad- They have a good core and a great backup in the bench. They have a great bowling lineup as well as a batting lineup. The only drawback can be that the foreign all rounders have not proved to be match winners in IPL so far.

Royal Challengers Bangalore- This was a tough choice between Delhi and Bangalore. They didn’t go for emotions and backed up talented youngsters and have a great bench. They were great in the 1st day of the auctions going for their weaknesses in the previous seasons. In the 2nd day they filled the gaps successfully and thus became a tournament winning side. They have a good mix of foreign all rounders, and Indian all-rounders, foreign batsman and Indian batsman foreign bowlers and Indian bowlers

Delhi Daredevils- They were great in the auctions. With the mix of experience, form and youth they are the most formidable side in this year’s IPL. They got a captain and then built a team around him.

Mudassir Ali
- Feb 22, 2020 05:18 AM

This year’s IPL auction was a great time to watch and we also got shocked by many franchise decisions,but it was a great auction.

Coming to your question,in IPL nothing can be worst i.e every team is equally good but the worst decisions of buying the players in this auction was by the KXIP and KKR.

KXIP did a mistake of not buying a full-time wicket keeper and hence can face trouble in the future whereas the KKR team did the mistake of not retaining Gambhir and letting players like Manish Pandey,Yusuf Pathan,Umesh Yadaav in other teams.I feel KKR has to face trouble with their middle order and as well as the captaincy.


Coming to the best team selection in this year’s auction,I feel RCB has selected the best players in this auction.RCB very smartly bought players which they needed like the two spinners-Sundar and Ashwin,they bought them at a descent price,these two spinners are worth buying as they have performed well in recent times.

The batting unit of the team is one of the best batting units where there are all types of players available right from strong hitter to consistent batsman.Rcb played a great move by buying Brendon,Parthiv and Decock as they were running out of openers,while they also bought great all rounders which can help out the team well and the most important thing is that they have made their bowling unit,one of the most powerful units where there are many great players.

Hence according to me these were the worst and the best team selection in this year’s auction.

Mudassir Ali
- Feb 22, 2020 05:19 AM

You cannot say which team is good or bad by seeing its players it always depends on the form and fittness of the players.There are some good and bad things in every team.Even the best team have some problems and the worst team have some advantages.For example KKR
is not as much as good before but it has a very good bowling line-up.Piyush Chawla,Narine,Kuldeep and Johnson.
All remember the last over of the last season of Johnson against RPS.
All also know that gold reamain gold and carbon become diamond.
MI don’t have quality Indian spinners they just have Deepak Chahar and Kurnal Pandiya.
CSK don’t have good Indian pacer they just have Shardul Thakur.
RCB don’t have a good finisher except Sarfaraz Khan.
SRH don’t have a good opner as Warner.
KKR don’t have a experienced captainand good experienced batting order.
DD is very good but after Shami’s accident they don’t have a good Indian Pacer.
KXIP don’t have experienced captain and good pacer except Andrew Tye.
RR spends a lot of money on some particular players they have lot of foreign players and less Indian players.
They also don’t have a ideal replacement for Smith.
Which team has worst disadvantage that is bad team.nNow its up to u.
According to me KKR and RR have worst disadvantages.

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