Which is better, shaggy rug or normal rug?


Shag rugs are so soft and fluffy because they have a thick soft higher pile rugs than regular hand-knotted rugs – this means the fibers are cut longer than in regular rugs. … Large shag rugs can be very heavy, making them even more difficult to clean, especially if it’s a fluffy white shag rug.


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  1. Hello,
    It completely depends on the choice of the customer and the setting and layout of the room where the rug has to be placed. Shaggy rugs have long fibres and hence it takes more effort to clean and maintain, but at the same time the long fibres make it fluffier and a lot of people like fluffy and soft carpets. On the other hand, normal rugs are thinner and easier to maintain. Clearer designs and patterns are possible in a normal rug which the shaggy rugs cannot.
    Therefore, its completely on the choice that you make.

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