Which is the best island to visit in Malaysia?


Which is the best island to visit in Malaysia?

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  1. Malaysia is a country that has a reputation as a haven for tropical islands. Its richness with charming islands not only around the Borneo Islands but also the peninsula.

    What makes these islands so special is that they are beautifully maintained and more private than islands in other countries that are so busy with tourists coming from all over the world.

    My top 3 got to be :-

    Pulau Perhentian Besar is an island for you to enjoy in the holiday season, here are some beautiful resorts for your family to enjoy the perfect holiday experience.

    Rawa Island in Johor is as beautiful as Rawa Island in Terengganu. The island is located 16 km from Mersing, Johor. The surrounding area is surrounded by blue and deep seas. The island also blooms with lush forests to explore for adventure.

    The island of Sipadan is not your ordinary island. The island is the fifth-best scuba locations in the world.

    The ocean’s panoramic views reveal the beauty due to the colorful retention of coral reefs and the variety of fish species.

    Although it holds a great reputation among scuba divers, the island’s natural beauty remains important. And one of its efforts is to provide only 120 divers a day.

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