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  1. I am a Karachiite but I will say Islamabad (the Capital) It has better infrastructure, better facilities and traffic follow some laws … Being the capital it is official host to all embassies and thus security is also much better…

    Islamabad is a planned city unlike Karachi and Lahore (2 biggest cities of Pakistan) and has been managed while Karachi and Lahore have just extended without real planning or infrastructure to support that growth

    The thing Islamabad will lose out on is “what to do after dark” ..its boring…but the most beautiful Hill Stations surround it and instead of something to do everyday you can stay for 5 days being bored while spending two days (weekend) in one of the most beautiful hill stations

    Even the Weather of Islamabad is better than Karachi or Lahore (Less Hot, more cloudy days per year)…..

    Karachitites and Lahoreites please be kind to me…..

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