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  1. Dear friend,

    I have used Airtel, idea and BSNL Sims in Bangalore. From my experience I can’t find any provider with 100% perfection in all service. I will give my views on these 3,


    -4G internet connectivity is comparitively good in open space. But inside rooms it is worst sometimes. But not always.

    -Call quality in 4G is very very bad. I have lost network connectivity many times during calls. Frequent call drops in side my room.

    -Lowest post paid plan is 399/-. Jio is having plans starting at 199/-


    -Call quality is very good even inside my room.

    -No call drops observed.

    -But internet connectivity is average even in open space. Don’t expect too much from them. Especially upload speed is very worst.

    -Post paid plans are comparitively highly priced.


    -Internet connectivity is OK.

    -Call quality is below average.

    -Will loose network coverage if power cut happens in my area.

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