Which is the best technology for mobile Apps development?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 07, 2020 07:59 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 07, 2020 07:59 AM

Originally Answered: What are the best technologies for developing mobile apps?
The two previous existing answers are perfect for your question as it currently stands.

Generally speaking, technologies are a dime a dozen. You’re really asking about frameworks languages. You don’t have very many options, relatively speaking…

Languages: C#, C++, Java, Objective C, HTML/JS/CSS.
Frameworks: .NET, Xamarin, Cordova, PhoneGap, Telerik Platform.

Anything else will be native for the platform you’re targeting and/or what you’re most comfortable with. So it boils down to what you’re trying to achieve and for which platform(s).

– If you need something with laser-accurate timing (we’re talking sub milliseconds here – think gaming) then you probably need to go with C++.

– If you’re talking about the broadest-possible platform targeting then go with HTML/JS/CSS or Cordova or PhoneGap (and possibly Telerik Platform — but I haven’t even seriously looked at that one).

– If you’re talking about balancing the most rapid development experience AND the best possible platform experience then you’ll most likely go with whatever is native for the platform you’re targeting.

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