Which is the best way to learn about stocks?


Which is the best way to learn about stocks?

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  1. The Best Choice To Start Learning About Stock Market Is Start Watching Youtube Videos. You Can Learn Very Quickly And Perfectly…

    You Can Download Material From Nseindia Website.

    Daily Observe The Stocks And Start Researching Yourself, Observe The Market Trends, Do Small Home Work On The Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis Before Investing To Book A Good Profit.

    There are so many Youtube channels available to teach you about stock market from the basics to professional level, you can subscribe for any 2 to 3 channels that you are comfortable with and start learning.

    Best Youtube Channels Have A look At These Might Help You – Manikandan bse2nse, Moneyweek, Pankaj Jain, Abundance Stock Advisors.

    They will teach every basics How to start investing, How to evaluate Stocks, Technical Analysis, Fundamental analysis Etc..

    If You Want To Learn More About Stock Market I Would Suggest A Book For You “THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR”. Its A Best Book So Far Ever Written On Investing By “BENJAMIN GRAHAM”.

    Start Watching Stocks Regularly And Observe The Market Trends, Build Your Own Diversified Portfolio To Get A Good Return On Your Investments.

    “All The Best”….

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