Which is the No 1 university in Pakistan?

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Which is the No 1 university in Pakistan?

- Dec 31, 2019 04:14 PM

Although perhaps not one of the first study abroad destinations that come to mind, Pakistan (Officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) has a great deal to offer international students, with a rich diversity in its culture, landscapes, and people, as well as well-respected universities.

If you’d like to study in Pakistan, read on for information about Pakistani universities, student cities, applications, costs and more.

- Dec 31, 2019 04:43 PM

List of pharmacy schools in Pakistan

This is a district-wise list of pharmacy schools located in Pakistan and accredited by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan.


  • 1Azad Kashmir
    • 1.1Mirpur
    • 1.2Rawlakot
  • 2Balochistan
    • 2.1Quetta
  • 3Capital Territory
    • 3.1Islamabad
  • 4Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
    • 4.1Abbottabad
    • 4.2Dera Ismail Khan
    • 4.3Kohat
    • 4.4Malakand
    • 4.5Mardan
    • 4.6Peshawar
    • 4.7Swabi
  • 5Punjab
    • 5.1Sargodha
    • 5.2Bahawalpur
    • 5.3Faisalabad
    • 5.4Lahore
    • 5.5Multan
    • 5.6Rawalpindi
    • 5.7Sialkot
  • 6Sindh
    • 6.1Karachi
  • 7References

Azad Kashmir


  • Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University – Pharm. D.
  • Akson College of Pharmacy – Pharm. D.


University of Poonch, Rawlakot



  • Department of Pharmacy, University of Balochistan – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D.

Capital Territory


  • Hamdard University (Islamabad Campus) – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D.
  • Riphah Institute of Pharmacy, Riphah International University – Pharm. D.
  • Department of Pharmacy, University of Lahore (Islamabad Campus) – Pharm. D.
  • Shifa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University – Pharm. D.
  • Quaid-i-Azam University – Pharm. D. Public

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


  • Department of Pharmacy, Abbottabad University of Science and Technology – Pharm. D.
  • Department of Pharmacy, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology – Pharm. D.
  • Women Institute of Learning – Pharm. D.
  • Pakistan Institute of Professional Studies – Pharm.D

Dera Ismail Khan

  • Faculty of Pharmacy, Gomal University – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D.


  • Department of Pharmacy, Kohat University of Science and Technology – Pharm. D.


  • Department of Pharmacy, University of Malakand, Batkhela – Pharm. D.


  • Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan – Pharm. D.


  • Department of Pharmacy, University of Peshawar – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy, Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology – Pharm. D.
  • Department of Pharmacy, Abasyn University – Pharm. D.


  • University of Swabi – Pharm. D.



  • Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sargodha – Pharm. D. Public

Bahawalpurslamia University – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D. Public


  • College of Pharmacy, Government College University, Faisalabad – Pharm. D. Public
  • Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Faisalabad – Pharm. D.
  • Institute of pharmacy, physiology &pharmacology University of Agriculture, Faisalabad- Pharm.D.Public


  • University College of Pharmacy, University of the Punjab – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D. Public
  • Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences – Pharm. D.Public
  • Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D.
  • University of Central Punjab – Pharm. D.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lahore (Lahore Campus) – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy, Hajvery University – Pharm. D.
  • Akhtar Saeed College of Pharmaceutical Sciences – Pharm. D.
  • Lahore Pharmacy College – Pharm. D.
  • The Superior College – Pharm. D.
  • Riphah International University, (Lahore Campus) – Pharm. D.
  • University of South Asia (Pakistan) – Pharm. D.
  • Department of Pharmacy, Lahore College for Women University – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D. Public
  • Leads College of Pharmacy – Pharm. D.
  • Johar Institute of Professional Studies – Pharm. D.
  • Gulab Devi Institute of Pharmacy, Gulab Devi Educational Complex, Lahore – Pharm. D (Doctor of Pharmacy)


  • Faculty of Pharmacy, Bahauddin Zakriya University – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D. Public
  • Department of Pharmacy, Southern Punjab Institute of Health Sciences (SPIHS), Multan – Pharm. D. Private


  • Margalla Institute of Health Sciences (Margalla College of Pharmacy) – Pharm. D.
  • Yusra Institute of Pharmaceutical Science


  • Islam College of Pharmacy – Pharm. D.


Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Sindh.

Programs: Doctor of Pharmacy of 5 years (pharm.D)


  • Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Karachi – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D.
  • College of Pharmacy, Dow University of Health Sciences – Pharm. D.
  • Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Baqai Medical University – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy, Jinnah University for Women – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy, Hamdard University (Karachi Campus) – B. Pharmacy, Pharm. D.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy, Ziauddin University – Pharm. D.
  • College of Pharmacy Nazeer Hussain University – Pharm D
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