Which is worse, coronavirus or HIV AIDS?

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  1. The issue with AIDS is that we are very aware of how to prevent and treat the viral infection and that is TOTAL ABSTINENCE of those activities that pass the virus to others. Yet, there are still new cases of the viral pathogen all the time. Why? Because the solution is IGNORED.

    SARS-CoV-2 virus is spread by being coughed on and coming into contact with a CoViD-19 patient. Therefore it is spread unknowingly between people.

    The recovery rate among healthy CoViD-19 patients is HIGH while there is NO RECOVERY (true recovery) from HIV virus, but you can learn to live with it but also with an compromised immune system. That might lead to something else killing you as a result of that compromise.

    I have to assume that HIV is worse as most medical organizations consider HIV to possibly be the WORST of all the viral infections so far known.

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