Which kind of treatment are doctors providing to corona virus patients?

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  1. Originally Answered: What are the medical treatment processes for a corona virus infected person?
    The management is mainly treating the symptoms. The most serious condition is the inflammation of the lungs. This inflammation can cause excessive production of fluids in the lungs making it very difficult to breathe. And possibly develop pneumonia. Then the victim could have a respiratory crisis which can lead to death.

    A variety of medications can be used to fight the inflammation. Including antiviral drugs, steroids, analgesia, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Some physical therapy may help clear the lungs or reduce pain.

    Regular samples of the blood are tested to ensure that the body’s electrolytes are safely maintained. IV fluids can include electrolytes as well as some nutritional supplements to maintain energy.

    These patients will also need to be isolated and health workers need protective clothing. A number of health care workers in China are dead.

    Any staff showing symptoms may also be isolated or sent home.

    Antibiotics may be needed to fight secondary infections by bacteria that is opportunistic when a patient’s immune system is weak or when they infect the lungs full of fluids.

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