Which mobile company is best in Pakistan?

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Samsung is not just the top smartphone brand in Pakistan, it is the leading brand globally. Back in 1938 the brand started its operations in South Korea and launched its first-ever Android smartphone in 2009. Samsung Galaxy and Note phones are the sleekest looking, innovative, and stylish phones to date. They are expensive but Samsung also has its J series which is affordable and reliable. The hardware, software and camera quality of Samsung phones make it the top smartphone brand in Pakistan.


After Samsung, Apple is the most popular smartphone brand in Pakistan. Apple iPhones have their own separate identity and iPhone lovers in Pakistan are very loyal towards the brand. iPhone is more like a status symbol in the country. Recently iPhone X has created hype in Pakistan and all over the globe.


In the year 1987, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, China. In Pakistan, Huawei is the third biggest brand. Huawei Mate 10 with its Kirin 970 processor inside, and 12MP rear and 20 MP front Leica camera are one of the best releases by Huawei. Before this Huawei Mate 9, P10 and P10 plus were Huawei’s most prized releases.


Nokia is the most famous mobile brand in Pakistan. Some of the phones of Nokia that were not touchscreen are still famous in Pakistan and still purchased. Nokia 3310 phone, launched in 2000 gained huge popularity in the country. The strength of Nokia lies in its battery and durability. Though Nokia is known for its affordable phones, the recently released Nokia 6 is an upper-mid-range smartphone running on Android OS.


QMobile is a Pakistani, Karachi based electronics company. From a sales perspective, QMobile is the biggest company in Pakistan selling almost one million phones every month. QMobile is known for introducing affordable smartphones in the country.


Lenovo phones are known for their performance and great reviews. In Pakistan, Lenovo is a reputable name, its features, hardware, and software is great. Thus forcing people to buy Lenovo phones


OPPO is a Chinese smartphone brand known for its great selfie camera. OPPO F3, F3 Plus phones are extremely famous in Pakistan. The target of the OPPO brand in Pakistan is mostly the youngsters and people who love taking selfies.

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