Which one is more deadly than the other, coronavirus or SARS?

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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 04, 2020 11:21 AM

Originally Answered: Is the coronavirus more dangerous than the flu?

First, to correct a misconception that seems almost universal. There are many coronaviruses. They’ve been around for years and are well known. They are called coronavirus because under an electron microscope, they look sort of like a crown.

Yes I believe , to the best of my knowledge that the Covid-19 virus is extremely change to not much more dangerous for the following reasons, which I originally wrote in answer to another question that was similar in content, but phrased differently before being merged.

Now, to answer your question properly. The newly discovered Wuhan conronavirus change to Covid-19 is just that -new. It’s never been seen before. It does not appear to be a mutated version of any known disease, and is therefore hard to diagnose early. Because it is a virus, there are no drugs that can kill it, only a few that can support the immune system so that the body’s natural system can either survive it, or kill it. As far as doctors in China can tell ( or perhaps are allowed to tell) the death rate is not much worse than the death rate from severe cases of the flu. The reason it is change to moderately dangerous dangerous is that 1.) it’s add relatively unknown, 2.) the early stages mimic many common upper respiratory diseases, 3.) it spreads (very ) delete easily from person to person, and 4.) most add hospitalized cases seem to be particularly severe. Add just like In a normal flu epidemic, there are many cases of the disease that are uncomfortable and temporarily disabling, but very few persons actually die. Those people are mostly the very young, whose immune systems are underdeveloped still, and the old or chronically ill, whose immune systems are weak ( for many reasons). So far, this new disease does not seem to affect any particular group worse than any other, change to only those chronically ill and elderly.so everyone change to they must be treated as if they are in the highest risk group and require the utmost support. No “ take two aspirins and call me in the morning”.delete.

EDIT TO CHANGE ANSWER ( Feb. 29,2020) Words to be changed or deleted are in italics. Changes and additions are in bold.

Because of newer information, I no longer believe this disease is worse than the seasonal flu, except that it may spread faster, and last longer. The majority of this answer stands as originally written. A vaccine is expected within 12 months—-this is much faster than usual. Meanwhile, take the same precautions you would during an extended flu season. Expect a slowdown in delivery of electronic goods, but not basic foods and household supplies. You may not get the latest fashion clothing until next year ( sorry, but I’m not worried about that).

Mudassir Ali
- Mar 04, 2020 11:21 AM

Originally Answered: Is the coronavirus more dangerous than the flu?

Here are some things to consider.

How reliable are the “official” numbers being used by China? We know the CCP is lying. Multiple leaks from people on the ground, social media, and even doctors will support this. Disease experts in the west almost all estimate there are vastly more cases than are “official” and there are several reports in the Wuhan area indicating crematoriums are being run 24 hours a day, up from 6 hours as typical. Doctors are confirming cases where China claims there are none. The numbers are not reliable, most likely because China wants it to appear not as serious as it is. The numbers being provided by WHO and CDC are also rubbish because it’s garbage in, garbage out. They start with bad numbers and they will end up with bad data.

The CCP’s lies and incompetence in handling the situation is responsible for this entire situation in the first place and now we have to do the legwork to clean up the CCP’s garbage. Instead, people are praising the speed at which China can build hospitals and ignoring the fact that this disease’s spread and several deaths were completely preventable. The Chinese government had over a month and a half to react and contain the spread but they dragged their feet until Chinese New Year, the largest human migration on the planet. All that time, they tried to suppress all information about the spreading virus by threatening journalists and imprisoning doctors, only admitting it when too many information leaks sprung. To add insult to injury, the Chinese government then held a world record banquet 3 miles away from ground zero of the virus after over 20 official cases were acknowledged to show there was no problem.

And now they’re allowing conspiracy theories about the US planting the virus in Wuhan right before Chinese New Year to spread. It’s bullshit. Even now, the cases and deaths are under-reported, China is still threatening people with prison or even death for talking about the Wuhan coronavirus, and doctors are still being silenced. They punish people for “spreading rumors” but then don’t bother people who tell you to kill your dog because your pets can spread the virus to you. They’re doing nothing to the people spreading misinformation about how garlic and traditional Chineses medicine can cure it.

This means we should assume the virus is MORE serious than the “official” numbers being spoon-fed to us by the CCP.

But let’s humor the “official” clearly lowballed CCP-approved bullshit numbers a bit.

When comparing flu with the Wuhan coronavirus, it’s very hard to make an accurate comparison. And it’s even harder because the CCP has muddled the numbers.

First, the flu has run its course multiple times over multiple decades. We have a pretty large number of cases estimated for 2019, for instance, with estimates in the US ranging from around 9 million to around 50 or 60 million or so. The Wuhan coronavirus has an “official” number of cases (despite China admitting it has a shortage of testing kits, footage of dead people laying about, and there being cases clearly not recorded) of around 20,000 at the time of this writing. To give you an estimate of the potential cases, back when there were 2,000 official cases, disease experts were projecting an estimate of actual cases being around 100,000. The official figures are now exceeding 20,000.

Anyway, my point is there are far more flu cases than there are Wuhan virus cases. I don’t think people understand how much. There is at the VERY MINIMUM 450 times more flu cases than coronavirus cases (probably closer to 1500+ times at the time of this writing). We have barely two months of flubbed Chinese data to compare to full years’ worth of honest flu data from many nations around the globe who take diseases seriously.

Second, even with the conservative mortality rate estimates of around 2% to 3%, this virus is clearly deadlier than the flu. Other estimates range from 1% to even 15% but let’s stick with the bullshit “official” CCP data for a second. And let’s use US data because the US actually records and reports the cases while China hides them.

Assuming 60,000 deaths and the very conservative estimate of 9,000,000 cases, that’s 0.06% mortality rate. Which number is bigger, 2 or 0.06? Keep in mind the flu might even be less lethal if you use more generous numbers, say 20,000,000 cases. That’s 0.03% lethality. And the coronavirus is likely more lethal because the CCP is lowballing it and intentionally not recording many deaths associated with the virus.

You don’t deposit $20,000,000 in a bank account with a 0.06% interest rate and claim you’re getting a better interest rate than an account with only $2,000 but 2% interest. The coronavirus is significantly deadlier, assuming you consider the flu a problem, which it is. Nobody is denying that. The flu only kills so many because there is an incredible number of cases. If the Wuhan coronavirus reaches even a quarter of that scale, we can expect far worse.

Third, the coronavirus produces more serious symptoms and more complications. Only about 0.1% of flu cases require emergency care. Compare this to the 1% to 5% estimate for the Wuhan virus. This means you require 10x more emergency care capacity compared to the flu at least.

EDIT: The cases requiring emergency treatment are now closer to 10% according to disease experts and calculations not being provided by China. This means 100x more emergency cases compared to the flu.

Emergency centers will be flooded and overwhelmed by this sudden spike in demand. Without adequate and timely care, mortality rises. Not just for the Wuhan virus cases but for all kinds of emergencies. Car crashes, allergic reactions, overdoses, burns, other sicknesses, diabetes, infections, you name it. Remember, the mortality rate described above assumes THERE IS ADEQUATE MEDICAL CARE. Without care, serious cases can become lethal or lead to permanent bodily damage in some way.

Fourth, the Wuhan virus is completely new. We have currently no confirmed effective cure, we ourselves have no immunity, and no vaccines. Compare this with flu, where nations the world over are familiar with the symptoms, standard treatments, and vaccines. This new virus has the potential to spread like wildfire.

We also aren’t too sure about all the possible effects of the Wuhan virus. Maybe it causes you to go blind 5 years after you apparently “recover.” Or maybe the virus becomes suppressed, then re-emerges to cause symptoms in its host in a cyclical manner. We just don’t know, whereas we have decades of complete knowledge regarding the flu and its effects.

Fifth, even if the coronavirus could have been easily contained and rendered relatively harmless by shutting down the wet market and immediately paying attention to patient zero, the fact remains that it wasn’t. The CCP is lying to the rest of the world about a health crisis that can affect all of us. It is no longer just China’s problem but the rest of the world’s. The CCP has WHO in its back pocket, is excluding Taiwan from ICAO communications regarding collaborative efforts to combat the virus despite Taoyuan airport being a major international airport, and mainstream media is eating it up like it’s no big deal. In many ways, this issue is being dealt with less competently than the flu is dealt with.

Why are people congratulating China because it can build a hospital in a week and ignoring their culpability for spreading this thing in the first place? It’s like congratulating a wife beater for being peaceful when he finally stops beating his wife. They livestreamed the construction of the hospital, too, then published false media using stock images claimed to be the hospital while people could SEE THE REAL HOSPITAL on livestream. People like to criticize their own governments also for lying but they don’t understand the scale of this when it comes to the CCP. It’s like comparing a scraped knee to an amputation.

In the future, government incompetence will really screw us if a more virulent disease starts to spread. All for China’s cheap labor and to avoid its petty retaliations when China doesn’t get what it wants or doesn’t look good. We should be criticizing the CCP and cutting off dependence on China, not praising the CCP and relying on China. We should be criticizing our own governments, mainstream media, and global unions as well, for putting us at risk for money and groveling like dogs for China’s approval when they should be protecting us.

Sixth, the coronavirus issue does not magically go away when we start looking at the flu problems. Just…come on. That’s like saying botulism is harmless because more people have died from the flu. No further explanation needed.

In conclusion, comparing this Wuhan coronavirus to the flu and then dismissing it is a very dangerous and incredibly stupid mistake. It’s almost the same as saying there is no problem and there is no virus. Yet some media outlets started to play along with this, nobody does their homework, and people spread misinformation because it makes them feel safe. And where did this idea come from? Wumaos paid by the CCP. Basically internet trolls and spammers who post inflammatory nationalist shit and purposely misdirect people online because the Chinese government pays them to do it. These people are harming the image of their own countrymen and harming their own country for pocket change. The CCP is willing to neglect China and step on everyone else to stay in power.

God help us. This is a case where even the tinfoil hat lunatics theorizing the virus a bioweapon are more sensible than those saying it’s the same as the flu (or that there is no Wuhan coronavirus). Even the people who are pouring their Corona beer down the sink are more sensible. At least the 80 IQ tinfoil hat wizard council and the people dumping their Coronas are treating the Wuhan coronavirus like the threat that it actually is.

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