Which Pakistani news channel and anchor is completely unbiased?

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  1. The short answer to this question is NONE. Humans are political animals and it is against human nature to not have political inclinations and biases.

    So, the fact that NO Pakistani News Channel and / or Anchor is unbiased is not different than the rest of the world. The biggest news media industry in the world is US and if you follow it, you recognizes within a matter of hours how biased the news channels and anchors are. In fact, the mainstream news channels and anchors in US are openly biased, Fox News openly supports everything Republican (Trumpian Politics) and rest of the Mainstream News Channels (CNN, MSNBC, ABC News) denounce everything Republican (Trumpian Politics).

    So, Pakistani news channel and anchors are no different, the difference in Pakistani News Channels and Anchors is that they claim to be unbiased when its clearly not possible. If you call them biased, instead of accepting it, they try to portray themselves as unbiased and justify it by calling other anchors on their show and then ask them the question whether they are biased or unbiased, the guest obviously sides with the host and says they are unbiased.

    The other difference in US and Pakistani News Channels and Anchors is that the US Channels/Anchors support either Republicans or Democrats where as the dilema for Pakistani News Channels is that they are supporting PTI or PMLN, the other dimension for their bias is pro-establishment and anti-establishment. There are news channels and anchors who will support one PMLN when that its supporting the establishment and go against it when it changes its stance towards establishment.

    Although, I have mentioned that there is no unbiased news channel and / or anchor, if I still have to choose one person who is as unbiased as it gets, it is Kamran Khan of Dunya News. Kamran Khan exposed many scandals of PPP, then supported PMLN in its first three years, then exposed their scandals and now supports PTI as well as expose their scandals from KPK.

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