Which places should I visit in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia?

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  1. For the convenience of time, relaxation, transportation and communication, I highly advise you travel only Singapore and Peninsula Malaysia. You only consider adding Indonesia or East Malaysia when there is more time in your holidays. Best Travel around Indonesia if you are only going to Indonesia.

    Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore are both connected conveniently by road, railway and air. So you will have plenty of options to decide how to move around. Adding Indonesia means you more likely to travel by air and by sea which are generally the least convenient of choices because it takes up more travelling time and less time in your destinations. And of course it is very tiring to be on an airplane or at sea most of the time.

    Furthermore, for the convenience of communicating, both Malaysia and Singapore are generally intertwined culturally. They also have similar demographics so you will have less problem in communicating with the locals if you are fluent in English.

    You will be in Singapore anyway so I will only give you a summary of highly recommended places to travel in Peninsula Malaysia (I will leave you to research in detailed on each cities)

    Kuala Lumpur (City Life, Historical Scenery and Food)
    Penang Island (Food, Historical Scenery and Beach)
    Malacca (Food and Historical Scenery)
    Langkawi Island (Beach)
    Taman Negara or National Park (Jungle Tracking)
    Redang Island and nearby islands (Beach) (Only if you want to spend most of your time there)
    Genting Highlands (Gaming and to cool off from the hot climate)
    Cameron Highlands (Tea Plantation and to cool off from the hot climate)
    Don’t waste your time going to Putrajaya there is really nothing there but government buildings to look at.

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