Which university is best for M.S in computer science in Islamabad?


Which university is best for M.S in computer science in Islamabad?

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  1. Best University For Computer Science in Pakistan in 2018

    Hello folks, welcome to the brand new article. In this article, we are going to discuss Best University For Computer Science in Pakistan. Maybe you are studying in 12th class and you have interest in Computer Science. The next step for you is to find the best university in Pakistan for your undergraduate education.

    Best University For Computer Science in Pakistan

    This article will go through the list of Top 5 Best Universities for Computer Science in Pakistan. This is not an official list. The list is arranged by me, base on my own research.

    This list of best universities for Computer Science in Pakistan contains all the details about the mentioned university. You will find the review of each university. The standard of education is reviewed by the students who are studying in the specific university.

    I collect the review from different students on Quora and other platforms about the standard of education of below-mentioned universities.

    If you are computer enthusiastic, go to your favorite university. The four years of graduation will decide your career and future. Think wisely, act wisely, and decide wisely. Your future is in your hands.

    There are different universities in Pakistan that offering bachelor in Computer Science. The standard of education is very low in most of the universities and one needs to choose the best university for computer science. Some of them are not recognized with HEC and some don’t even have proper labs.

    Read the article carefully and make the decision on the basis of your research. The field of computer science is a little complicated as you have to deal with programming and algorithms. But by choosing a proper university, you don’t need to worry about your future.

    The purpose of computer science program is to produce graduates that work in careers in computing and associated technology fields.

    Computer Science is the study of the theoretical and practical aspects of computer technology and computer usage. You need a university that can make you to the way of success in computer science field.

    This program also makes professionals that practice their professional endeavors, communicating effectively, as team members, in leadership positions to the highest legal and ethical standards.

    There’s one more thing to consider: job prospects and industry linkages. If you are studying computer science, the university doesn’t even matter, but only what you learn.

    Computer science is booming and there are more jobs than competent programmers out there. At this point, I’d advise you to go through this article and select a university that best suit your requirements. Let me know in comment section below if you know about any other best university for Computer Science in Pakistan.

    List of Best Universities For Computer Science in Pakistan

    1. Fast

    2. ITU

    3. Comsats

    4. NUST

    5. PUCIT

    Note: This not an official list. This list “Best university for Computer Science in Pakistan” is arranged by me based on my own research. I listed the universities on the basis of practical work and standard of education.
    I randomly arranged the list, you can find a university that best suits you.

    You can also watch the video if you feel like:

    1. Fast

    FAST is the best university for computer science in Pakistan. It was founded as a Federally Chartered University in July 2000, the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences is a premier University of Pakistan.

    FAST is famous for quality education and impact of its students in the development of local software and other industries. The university has five modern campuses at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Chiniot-Faisalabad.

    These campuses deliver world-class educational environment and entertaining facilities to about 9,000 students, around one quarter are female.

    Computer Science at FAST

    Program Info

    1. The Computer Science department at FAST aims to convey the in-depth understanding of Computer Science field conferring to international standards

    2. The FAST aim is to convert understanding to innovations

    3. Build diverse careers in the field of Computer Science as productive IT professionals and entrepreneurs for the socio-economic development.

    4. FAST prepare its students for the graduate level studies and research.

    5. Develop cooperative and effective communication, management and leadership skills.

    6. FAST also aims to convey professional ethics and cooperative team player capabilities.

    Career Opportunities at FAST

    Your career projections will be excellent. At FAST you may become a software engineer, programmer, web developer, games programmer or computer graphic designer.

    Students reviews

    Below is the detailed review that was posted on Quora by the student of FAST.

    Quality Education:

    FAST is the best university for Computer Science in Pakistan. Quality education is the first priority at FAST. The university has one of the best faculty of computer sciences in the town including Ph.D. which gives insurance of quality education through the way courses are conducted.


    FAST provide you with the exposure and confidence to build yourself in a way that you are the universe in yourself.

    Students can do whatever they want, you can be whatever you want to be. While studying in FAST Being you will never feel like you are lagging in your field.

    You come out of the institution like a pro. After graduation, you feel like you are a robot who can resolve any problem related to computer science.


    Being the best university for computer science in Pakistan FAST provides the students with the career. In simple words company does not choose you, you chose the company. You can get maximum salary according to the market.

    Character Building:

    The aim of the FAST is not just made you graduate. FAST makes you a better person in terms of ethical values.

    It teaches you patience, struggles and converts a student into a person who can take challenges.

    Above all, you came to know how you would behave with your peers in your practical life.

    You will be an awesome person who never denies helping your peers. I guess this is common in all FASTIANS. That’s the reason it is the best university for Computer Science in Pakistan.

    Exhibitions and Events:

    FAST conducts many technical and non-technical events for the exposure of student and entertainment as well.

    Different events like SOFTEC which is one the biggest tech event arranged in Pakistan on the university level.

    You can take part in any challenges while internationals teams take part as well.

    Which is good opportunity to learn. There also GEEK Week held every year at FAST.

    Here is the review from another student:

    I will suggest to never choose FAST if you have dreams of high CGPA. Being the best university for Computer Science in Pakistan, FAST has strict rules regarding CGPA. You are not going to get grades easily here.

    There is no research type thing occur here which is one of the major drawbacks of FAST. You will face a lot of problems while dealing with management.
    I just mentioned my experience while being a part of it. On bachelor level I recommend FAST and if you want to get admission on MS level I will suggest you join LUMS.

    Yes FAST-NU is one of the best computer science universities in Pakistan but only it’s Lahore Campus. Don’t think of any other campus.

    FAST-NU is best suitable for bachelors level. If you are going to join it as an undergraduate student go for it.

    As I said it is one of the best so there are others universities for computer science in Pakistan which are in tough competition with FAST and one of them is PUCIT.

    PUCIT merit is very high. It’s a government sector university in Lahore. It has a very low fee as compared to private sector universities.

    Competition is also very tough in FAST for Lahore Campus only. You can easily get admission in FAST Peshawar or even in FAST Faisalabad campus.

    FAST is very popular. If you are passionate about your studies and career in computer science field, then any university is best.

    In Computer Science, you can learn whatever skills you want without even taking specific classes at the university.

    You can learn technical skills like Web Designing, Graphic Designing, SEO, and Freelancing while chilling at home. In computer science, the university does not matter much.

    In short, If you love CS field and it is difficult to get admission in FAST or COMSATS, then join any university.

    FAST is one of the best universities for computer sciences. One of my friends is doing bachelors from FAST-NU in computer science.

    He told me there are so many exposures, new techniques are taught by highly qualified teachers, and much more to experience. The demand of the computer science degree at FAST is exceedingly wanted.

    2. ITU

    In the list of best universities for computer science in Pakistan, the ITU(Information Technology University) is one of the emerging university.

    This university is located in Lahore. It came into being in 2012 in order to advance scholarship and innovation in the areas of science, technology, and engineering.

    ITU aims to emulate the success of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by paying attention to cross-disciplinary applied research.

    ITU is no doubt best university for Computer Science in Pakistan. It has a visionary VC Dr. Umar Saif. The cultivation of an entrepreneurial nation in teaching and research.

    The maintenance of a close association with the Information and Communication Technology industry and the development of strong ties with government funding agencies.

    With a structure that combines the best features of both public and private sector universities, ITU aims to serve as a center for excellence in academia, research, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

    ITU aims to implement a unique teaching methodology and cross-disciplinary research that is grounded in real-world problem solving to educate the next generation of innovative and entrepreneurial engineers.

    ITU aims to provide a healthy campus environment to nurture and bring out the best of students’ academic and non-academic qualities.

    The university is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including a library and several labs. In term of practical work, ITU is the best university for Computer Science in Pakistan.

    At the undergraduate level, the university aims to develop well-rounded individuals committed to learning and making a positive contribution.

    Student Reviews

    I find their VC Dr. Umar Saif to be a visionary leader who knows what constitutes a good CS program.

    ITU is hiring aggressively and I’ve seen some of the better professors of NUST leaving for ITU. For now, these professors are able to set up labs at ITU along with the funding to afford multiple research assistants, which goes to show the value ITU places at research.

    ITU is still a very young university which is not as well-known as other universities in Pakistan. Usually, it is usually not on the radar of top high school students because of the popularity of NUST and FAST.

    In the end, if you are one of those people who care more about the popularity of the university you’re going to, then, by all means, come over to NUST.

    If you are interested only in learning, you should consider ITU and see how it stacks up against other universities

    3. Comsats

    Comsats aims to be the top research institutions and one of the best higher education providers in the country. Comsats is among the best university for Computer Science in Pakistan according to HEC ranking.

    The vision being followed by the CUI is to become one of the top 100 universities in the developing world. The CUI (COMSATS University Islamabad) further intends to earn a place among the top 500 universities of the world by the year 2020.

    Computer Science At Comsats

    The main purpose of CUI’s BS(Computer Science) is to provide students with a strong foundation, with a comprehensive set of electives so that computer scientists can be created.

    Computer science major is the field for the students who are interested in both the mathematical theory and technical applications of computer science.

    The computer science program on Comsats is also for the mathematically adept student who wishes to become a computing professional with knowledge of relevant applications areas.

    The mission of the Computer Science department is to provide high-quality education in computer science that prepares students for professional careers and lifelong learning in developing/managing computational processes and systems.

    Students Reviews

    1. In terms of degree recognition, the Comsats is doing really a good job. Even the students who scored 2.00 CGPA for the degree can get a good job after graduation or during the final year project.

    It is the best university for Computer Science in Pakistan. The best thing about COMSATS ISLAMABAD is that the staff is very cooperative.

    IF you want to learn something beyond your traditional subjects no one will ever degrade you. The staff and management at Comsats really appreciate innovative ideas.

    As far as practical work is concerned, after graduation, everyone thinks they learned nothing but after spending some time in the field people gain confidence. COMSATS usually take average students and polishes their skills.

    COMSATS has 7 campuses in Pakistan. In my views best campuses in descending order are; Islamabad campus, Lahore Campus, Abbottabad Campus and so on. I would praise Lahore and Islamabad campus. They are good.

    2. Although Comsats is at the top in ranking still there are many things in management and course structures which seems boring but yes it is good as compared to other universities in the country.

    I would suggest you go for FAST instead of Comsats. The reason is Comsats lack in practical work. They need a lot of improvements in their labs.

    3. COMSATS is a decent university but being a graduate I feel that we lack the necessary exposure. The labs are state of art, and the facilities are good enough.

    Most theoretical teachers are extremely qualified, but I personally feel that the lab instructors are not qualified. Comsats is not paying enough emphasis on lab projects and lab activities.

    It depends on how much interest you take in labs. If you have the passion, no one can stop you from learning.

    However, I will advise you to go to FAST for CS as the course curriculum is far more up to date with some of the most recent courses such as machine learning also included in their curriculum.

    4. NUST

    The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) aims to appear as a leading research concentrated university of Pakistan. NUST is also recognized as the ‘best university for Computer Science in Pakistan’.

    NUST aims to join the list of top universities of the world within the next 10 years.

    Generally, it is difficult to get into NUST due to high merit and its popularity. It is rated very highly and it instantly gives you some bragging rights.

    Sometimes this reputation materializes into internships abroad for the very top students.

    Computer Science At NUST

    NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) offer the Computer Science program for the passionate students.

    The aim of the Computer Science degree at NUST is twofold: first to produce well-rounded computer scientists who will accomplish the demand for computer science researchers and software developers in Pakistan.

    The second one is to encourage entrepreneurship among the young computer scientists to promote revolution at the national level.

    The importance of entrepreneurship in the program will hopefully give birth to new ideas and developments in the field of computer science.

    Unique Features

    The aim of the Bachelors in Computer Science degree at NUST is to produce computer professionals who can produce new technologies and ideas, and develop new ways to use computers.

    Computer Science program at NUST serves those students who wish to proceed as entrepreneurs.

    The students at NUST are provided operational personal development and team-work abilities for continuing professional development.

    It also develops life-long learning and awareness of their social, professional and ethical responsibilities in the national and international environment.

    Important Courses

    NUST is providing the research and studies on modern development technologies.

    The CS program at NUST will contain compulsory courses in the areas of artificial intelligence, compiler construction, the theory of automata and formal languages, scientific computing, and analysis of algorithms.

    The other courses in the CS program at NUST are:

    Introduction to Management
    Strategic Marketing
    Intellectual Property
    New Business Ventures to encourage entrepreneurship in the students.

    CS graduates have a number of career opportunities. The Computer Science professionals can produce and implement creative clarifications to difficult problems.

    They can train the next generation of computer scientists and software professionals. Graduates from CS program at NUST can study and do research at the best universities around the world.

    Student Reviews

    1. I am a graduate of NUST SEECS, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I find NUST as the best university for Computer Science in Pakistan.

    Before getting admission in NUST, I had heard a lot about NUST and had a strong impression of it. Thus, getting admission at NUST was like a dream come true.

    Though I was not much interested in Computer Science, since it was NUST and my parents wanted me to go, I decided to go.

    Before coming to NUST, I knew that NUST is famous for its outstanding education, extra-curricular activities, and research carried out by professors.

    But, it is much more than just that. The other things like environment, living an independent life, getting adjusted with the culture is just awesome.

    Getting familiar with the mindset of people and challenging with students who were the topper in their high schools are also the aspects people should consider while coming.

    NUST is one of the best universities in Pakistan. The SEECS and SMME departments at NUST are considered the best.

    The research carried out in SEECS is matchless. Our principal Dr. Arshad Ali had very good relationships with foreign companies and universities which made a lot of opportunities for students.

    NUST has a very reputable name. You may get a preference in job interviews over other students.

    2. SEECS trains a person a lot. I see myself as a totally different person after graduating. Studying Computer Science from SEECS has improved my knowledge and skills.

    We had a very strong schedule and exam system. Projects were also a plus since they gave us hands-on practice.

    There are different societies and clubs at NUST like NUST Adventure Club, NUST Media Club, IEEE, NUST entrepreneurial Society etc.

    If you join these societies, it will not only enhance your communication skills but it will also increase your management and leadership skills.

    Hostels at the NUST are the best hostels in the country. The security provided in NUST has no equivalent which makes it the best choice for the students especially girls.

    You can find everything within NUST hostels e.g. restaurant, shops, tailor, parlor so you don’t need to go outside much. Also, there is an orphanage near the university. We used to teach orphans and organize events for them.

    We were not only getting the quality education but were also getting trained to be a good human being.

    Finally, there are seminars and startup competitions like FICS which offer a great platform for students to showcase their ability and present their pioneering ideas.

    However, there are some pros and cons to everything. I think that NUST, especially SEECS, needs to review its curriculum to comprise latest frameworks in the course.

    We didn’t use many frameworks in programming but the industry is based on these frameworks. Everybody in the industry is working on latest frameworks and technology.
    So, I would like to suggest SEECS, keep its curriculum up-to-date to accommodate the latest technology. It will help students to rain themselves according to changing technology.

    Generally, NUST is a suitable university for the students who get admission in SEECS. It not only turn a student into a good engineer or computer scientist but also a person with decent personality and skills.

    I would absolutely recommend people to apply for NUST and become a part of it.

    5. PUCIT

    If are going to get admission in government sector university for computer science, PUCIT is the best choice for you.

    It is the best university for Computer Science in terms of the government sector. It’s a government sector university in Lahore. It has a very low fee as compared to private sector universities.

    Getting admission in PUCIT is difficult but you need a little hard work and passion. PUCIT has its own test for admission.
    If you are not able to get admission in above-mentioned universities due to financial problems, go for PUCIT.

    PUCIT also in the list of top universities for Computer Science in Pakistan. But in the government sector, it is the best university for Computer Science in Pakistan.

    The objectives of the BS Computer Science program at PUCIT are to

    build a strong foundation in theoretical concepts in computing and software engineering.
    provide a system-wide perspective of hardware and low-level software design and development.
    develop proficiency in designing and analyzing algorithms for building efficient solutions.
    nurture problem-solving skills, clarity of thought, and creativity.
    prepare students for rigors of graduate studies, as well as for careers in the industry.
    provide a balanced exposure to liberal arts.
    prepare students for effective oral and technical communication.
    foster a sense of professional and ethical responsibilities.
    Student reviews PUCIT

    1. It has a number of foreign qualified Ph.D. professors. professors from Columbia University, University of Illinois, KTH- Royal Institute of technology, Oxford Brooks etc.

    2. Class schedules, result announcements, and other timetable related things are just perfect. In my 4 years of experience, I never received my semester result late or class schedules distorted.

    3. You, as a student, will have very competitive environment there due to its high merit.

    4. There is the great reputation of PUCIT graduates in the software industry.

    Shre this article with your friends and fellows. Let me know in comment section below if you know about any other best university for Computer Science in Pakistan. If you have any suggestion kindly let me know through mailing address or comment section below.

    Feel free to ask any follow-up questions. Good luck!

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