Who are the freedom fighters in Pakistan’s history books? What is their story of freedom struggle?

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Jan 08, 2020 11:28 AM 1 Answers
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Who are the freedom fighters in Pakistan's history books? What is their story of freedom struggle?

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Sep 30, 2021

The history of the India (and also the part that are now Bangladesh and Pakistan) is a one gaint story but it actually has 2 sides to it.

Indian history
Pakistani history

And like it always has been, both the stories have different realities and it is insane to think about,

as these text books are probably the only source of history and the fact that it might not be the real true history is a little scary, the thought that people in a room can alter as much as making something up that never happened and putting something out that did.

Pakistan’s school textbooks have really not mentioned of the history that took place when pakistan was a part of India, they have literally not been told much about their history in India.

There are mentions to the really big and main events ofcourse and they are mostly the same.

But since the 1970s Pakistan’s school textbooks have systematically inculcated hatred towards India and Hindus through historical revisionism.

There is no mention of Islamic conquests and conversion of Hindus. Many texts give an impression that ancient Indian heritage was not destroyed by Afghans and Turks but Muslim heritage was destroyed by Indians, which supposedly contradicts the theory of mainstream historians.

This rooting of hatred towards the Indians of Pakistan can be seen by comparing these text from their respective history textbooks

The partition



The riots



1965 war



1971 war



Its safe to say that relation between both the countries haven’t been very great in the past but it’s another thing to spread hatred against one another even after years. Also pakistan history being fake is a matter not new to the world.

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