Who are the greatest villains in the history of computer science?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 04, 2020 03:35 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 04, 2020 03:35 PM

My vote of shame goes to the management of CMP Media (now UBM). This bunch of worthless breadheads purchased Byte Magazine from McGraw-Hill in 1998 and immediately shut it down, firing all the staff and apparently wiping the archives, since no back issues of Byte were ever made available online. That was an act of senseless vandalism comparable with burning the Great Library of Alexandria. Think about it – the most important computer-related magazine of all time, the best available information archive for some of the most important developments of the 20th Century, the magazine that brought the first news of networking and the Internet, and now there’s not one single issue available online* – all flushed down the bit bucket without a backward glance because in their eyes it was worthless propeller head junk, less profitable than Plastics Today. ‘Course, unlike their other titles, Byte did have actual journalists who wrote actual articles instead of just recycling press releases that were faxed in by advertisers, and that must have cost oh, about the same as the CEO’s entertainment expense budget. Sacks of ordure. Should be taken out and hanged.

* Actually I did find one issue, a pirate scan of Volume6 number 8, “Introducing Smalltalk”. When I first read the Smalltalk article, on paper, I didn’t believe it was possible. Mouse, pointers? Proportional fonts on a VDU? Science fiction. Nobody could afford that much RAM.

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