Who is the best wedding photographer in lahore?

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Who is the best wedding photographer in lahore?

Top 5 Aesthetic Wedding Photography Packages in Lahore

Do you wish to have a dream wedding in Lahore and get it covered by the best wedding photographer? I am sure you are eager to get everything captured from the dholki nights to the Mayoun, Mehndi and then Baraat and Walima. It wouldn’t be fair if any of the important proceedings or moment were not captured for you to re-visit them whenever you wish. So, we have shortlisted the best wedding photography packages in Lahore for you to choose from according to your budget and the style that you wish for.

1. Signature Package by IRFAN AHSON

If you are having a lavish event and don’t want to compromise on the photography, then Fine Art Weddings by Irfan Ahson would be the best choice for you as he is the Best wedding photographer in Lahore. He offers only his Signature Package, which is worth PKR. 500,000 Per Day, and is valid for a single day of a three-day event which includes:

• Signature Shoot by Irfan Ahson
• 200-500 Photos taken
• 100 Photos Shortlisted by Irfan Ahson
• Shortlisted photos edited by studio
• 1 Album containing 100 photos

2. Package 2 by BHATTIS

Bhatti Photographers is one of the most experienced photographers and offer one of the most aesthetic and reasonable wedding photography packages. Their PACKAGE 2 is among the best packages, at a cost of PKR 120,000 per Event, with up to 3 hours of Photography including:

• 2 Photographers
• Studio Photo Shoot of Bride and Groom
• Family Portraits
• Live Shots of the Event
• 1 Story Book of 30 Pages
• Exclusive Video 2 HD Camera
• Edited Video With Printed Titled on DVD

3. Package 1 by NADEEM KHAWAR

Next on our list of the best wedding photography packages in Lahore is one from Nadeem Khawar Photography. He offers his perfect services in a very reasonable package that we have shortlisted for you. His PACKAGE 1 is one of the most reasonable packages perhaps in the history of Lahore wedding photography which is worth PKR 70,000 per Day and is for wedding shoot per day of a three-day wedding event. It includes:

• 500-1000 photos taken
• Stage Album
• Couple Album
• Cinematic video HD
• DSLR Camera
• Drone Camera


Another best wedding photographer centered in Lahore is Ameeq Asrar photography. Their aim is to capture all your wedding moments with perfection so that whenever you view the pictures you re-live the beautiful moments. They offer their great services at extremely reasonable prices. We have shortlisted their Gold Packages which is worth PKR 55,000 per Day and includes:

• Still Coverage: 2 Cameras
• Video Coverage: 2 HD DSLR Camera
• Couples Portraits
• Family Portraits
• Printed Album: 12 Pages, 100 Photos
• Edited Video: Approx. 30-40 Minutes
• Cinematic Highlights: Approx. 3-4 Minutes


Next on our list is the Package 2 from Aiesh Photography, by far the most affordable yet aesthetic wedding photography package in Lahore. They also provide the services of professional female photographers in Lahore. Their package 2 is the most affordable among our shortlisted packages. It costs PKR 30,000 per Day and is valid for wedding shoot per day of a three-day wedding event which includes:

• 500-1000 photos taken
• Event Coverage Shoot,
• 1 Coffee Table Album
• 110 edited Pictures in album
• 500 + pictures in soft.
• 2 photographers.

So, go ahead and choose the best wedding photography package from the best photographers of Lahore through ShadiBox and get your precious moments covered by the professionals within your budget. You can also contact ShadiBox for other services and photographers to cover every moment of your wedding in the perfect way. Get your Shadi covered the way you want with these packages.

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