Who is the favourite to win the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2020?

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  1. Originally Answered: Who will win the ICC T20 World Cup 2020?
    Hey guys… how are doing… we are just done with the 50 over World Cup and the wait starts for the next one.

    Anyhow it is tricky question to answer… but will try to discuss it out.

    just a glimpse of inaugural t20 wc before we start.

    First let’s list out the non-favourites from top 10 nations:


    Here the exciting talent waiting on the boundary to give shocks to the top playing nations.

    There might be a good disappointment for big teams around the corner but afghans are less likely to make it to title winners.


    With Malinga retired and the quality of batting and bowling still in scattered stage, srilanka need a good captain to form a unit and move the team forward which is less likely to happen meantime.


    The underdogs are always dangerous and every country is aware of it. Now Pakistan doesn’t have the quality in their unit except for 2 to 3 batsmen and same amount of bowlers. A good quality spinner is missing for sure, the void that left by saeed Ajmal is very hard to fill. The captain himself have to pick up his own strike rate if he stays till then.

    South Africa

    The chockers ae they call are not very reliable when it comes to major tournaments. With Imran Tahir retired, dale steyn concerns their bowling unit looks very weak even though they have three frontline bowlers in the form of Rabada Ngidi and the leggie Shamsi. There are no replacements are these and Ngidi and shamsi are yet to make their mark at international level. Their batting is lacking power hitting with ABD retirement, miller out of form.


    Surely Bangladesh are growing as a cricket playing nation, there are here for causing a disappointment to big playing nations but less likely to make it the title.

    We are left with the top 5:

    West Indies




    New Zealand

    5th favourite Since everyone are aware that England’s bowling is very poor if we take out Jofra archer from that which makes them a good bowler short and a quality spinner short. England might make it to semis but boy the finals.

    4th Australia’s problems to find a quality spinner for t20 is what they are lacking ever since the t20 cricket was introduced back in 2007. Even though Adam zampa looks promising he is not consistent with his lengths.Home soil might give Australians some advantage as title favourites.

    3rd West Indies as all knows are the favourites to win the title there is no second thought about it.

    2nd India, are a very balanced side with little inexperience in the middle and lower order batting. Spinners are good, pace department is balanced. With MS Dhoni (if picked) India are more likely motivated to win the World Cup.

    1st New Zealand, like India very balanced with spinners , pacers and experienced batsmen. The island nation are the finalists in the last 2 50 over world cups just like other island nation srilanka where they are finalists in 2007 and 2011, went into win the t20 World Cup in 2014. They are also finalists in 2012 t20 World Cup as well. I assume the team is well balanced now and the conditions are more suitable to their fast bowlers.

    Hope you guys liked it. Cheers

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