Who is the most badass anime villain?

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Mudassir Ali
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Originally Answered: Who is the most Badass anime villain?
1. Younger Toguro

It’s fairly rare that you get a villain this awesome and looks this cool. He takes it straight from Schwarzenegger himself. The sunglasses, the extreme physique, the attitude, and that voice. He wins the game for me. No other villain is quite like him. Both in characterization and motive/origin. He’s extremely powerful and pretty much relies on raw power instead of special abilities. He’s the exact personification of everything he stands for- strength absolute.

2. Master Asia- The Undefeated of the East

It might not sound like it, but he was a villain, and a unique one at that. Being that he’s undefeated, that’s pretty badass in itself. As one of the premiere martial arts masters in the Future Era of Gundam, Master Asia and his Master Gundam are a force beyond reckoning. It takes some serious force to finally bring him to his knees. It is probably well accepted that had he been in good health, even at 50, he was the strongest human being in current existence. He was able to destroy Gundams with his robe sash and even trained his horse to pilot its very own Gundam!! How is that not badass? He was a very wise and cunning man and is a good example of good intentions going wrong. I can’t not include him for the simple fact that he brought some of the coolest and most epic scenes in anime history to life.

3. Makoto Shishio

Hailing from the world of Rurouni Kenshin, he is the manslayer that succeeded the legendary Battosai after his disappearance from the assassination game. He’s badass not only for his look and demeanor, but his nearly unbeatable swordsmanship. He’s mean and evil, in a fairly twisted sense. Even his current bodily condition is badass, being that he is burnt from head to toe after surviving his execution. One of Kenshin’s most difficult enemies, it was not just the man he was defeating, but his own shadow.

4. Raven

Raven meets my list as often the primary antagonist and rival to the main character Van from Zoids: Chaotic Century/Guardian Force. He’s a badass because he’s arguably the most skilled Zoid pilot in the world and he answers to no one. He also not surprisingly wields one of the most powerful Zoids ever born, the Genosaurer and later Genobreaker. His attitude and his ability make him very much an assassin of the Zoids Universe. And apart from the cool uniform and face tattoo, he’s just overall awesome, to the very end. He’s a lot like Vegeta to me.

5. Madara Uchiha

The series is very long but admittedly, Madara makes the rest of the villains forgettable. His very name makes shinobi around the world tremble even though he has been dead for a long time. At first I didn’t know what to think about him, I knew he’d be powerful. But as time went on it became clear. He is ridiculous. His strength, stamina, ability, techniques, kekkei genkai, speed, intellect, and experience are overwhelmingly excessive. I was not sold until I saw the scene where he defeats the Fourth Shinobi Allied Forces singlehandedly unarmed. He is definitely a badass. And he knows it too. It’s kind of a charming smugness he has. You don’t hate him for it. But you don’t love him either. Either way, he is as epic as he needed to be for a final(ish) villain.

6. Mewtwo

I never thought this would happen, but there is indeed a Pokemon villain worthy of the title. Mewtwo is the most badass Pokemon. As the first movie villain and, at least for a long time, the strongest Pokemon in existence, he takes the cake for that Universe. He is cold but calculated. Logical but confused. Powerful and menacing. He was too cool and still is.

7. Hisoka

Everyone’s favorite killer clown, hailing from Hunter x Hunter. Arguably the most badass clown ever, Hisoka is not only strong but smart. And bloodthirsty. He always stays calm and collected in battle… well until his homoerotic bloodlust kicks in. The guy didn’t even give a damn when his arms were severed. He did it all so he could win. You never see him flustered in the entire show. That to me, is badass.

Everyone that I may have not mentioned or missed were either not very villainy or not that badass, even if they were cool.

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