Who is the most disgusting person you have ever met?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 19, 2020 05:18 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 05:18 AM

I’ve met so many disgusting people the whole 21 years I’ve been alive but never have I ever met someone as repulsive as my fiance’s sister.

She’s biracial (white and black) and she’s really light skinned with kinky hair and green eyes. She was raised by the white side of the family (maternal side), but she forces herself to act all “tough and gangsta”. She dates ex-convicts and my fiancé joked about her going on our town’s mugshot website to shop for her next boo thang.

Anyway, growing up, she was the spoiled kid in the family. The fam always bought her brand new branded clothes like Nike, etc while my fiancé would get Walmart or Goodwill shit or hand me downs.

She’s get the best school supplies, the best phones, the best electronics, and even a brand new car (which her friend wrecked and they got her another one afterwards).

Fiancé didn’t get anything as good as her. He didn’t get a brand new car, he had to get a job in order to buy a used one.

She was sent to prison for armed robbery with her boyfriend. She was in prison for about a year or two. Fiancé sold his truck to help pay for her lawyer.

She came home sometime in Jan/Feb this year and was on probation. She broke up with her ex con boyfriend and got with a 34 year old aspiring rapper/ex con. He knocked her up within two months of being together. She didn’t get a job because she was “too pregnant” to work. She would complain so much about everything. She’s so ungrateful. One time, she said she’d rather go back to prison because “people respect her there”. The only reason why she got “respect” was because grandma and gpa would give her stuff to sell inside.

Her boyfriend would keep coming over and as the weeks go by, he’d stay a little while longer. Soon, he slowly started moving in her grandma’s house and both of them freeloaded off of the poor grandma. Grandma was about to retire because grandpa is dying from bladder cancer. A few years back, she stole $2k from her dying great grandpa. Earlier this year, she stole $200 from her grandma. Kind gma was forgiving and didn’t report her to her probation officer.

Boyfriend couldn’t keep a job. He got fired cuz he couldn’t handle getting yelled at and he threw a fit at work. He got another job but quit a few weeks later because he wasn’t getting enough hours. Car is broken so he borrows grandparent’s car.

Grandparents co-sign so he could buy a car. He loses another job and fucks up grandparents’ credit score because he can’t pay shit. He pees on the front yard and he probably shit there too because it smelled like shit one time. He doesn’t like going inside the house because he thinks everyone is judging him. Well duh? Isn’t it obvious? You can’t hold a job and you pee and shit on their lawn. Who wouldn’t judge?

Family buys her all these expensive baby stuff for her to use. She recently gave birth and the first thing she did after giving birth was to ask people for some money. Still doesn’t have a job and she still free loads off of her grandparents.

After she got discharged, she barely takes care of her daughter. She would often just sit in the car and let it run. They ask for gas money cuz they keep running out of gas. How? They sit in that damn car all day and let it run. Who takes care of the baby? Her dying grandfather, retiring grandmother, and her mom.

She seldom pops inside and doesn’t really interact with the baby.

I remember coming over sometimes and the baby would be in the living room while she’s sitting in the car with her boyfriend.

Family grew fed up with her and called DCF while she was gone. DCF and probation officer comes by the house. Baby is home but where’s mama? She’s still on probation but she’s not home! She literally had a month left until her probation was over. She should’ve just waited till then before going out and doing shit.

She got arrested last month and stayed in jail for a couple of weeks. Police found weed ashes under baby’s car seat and the whole car reeked of weed. They couldn’t do anything else because they lack further evidence. While she was gone, boyfriend asks grandpa for $1.4k to pay for rent. Grandpa suggests to come with him so he can actually see if he really did find a place. Boyfriend says never mind.

She recently got out of jail (what the fuck bro, we thought she’d be in prison for ten years but nope she got out and had to wear that ankle monitor).

Family is done with her shit and told her that they’re dead to her. They call family to ask for money, family refuses. They stopped by to grab some stuff and left to sleep in some hotel. Fiancé said grandpa’s handgun is missing. Baby is still in the care of mom and grandma.

Edit 10/23/2018: Grandpa brings a gun and stores it in the compartment whenever he goes out. Since they stole his gun, he borrowed grandma’s. He went to chemotherapeutic yesterday and when he got home, he had forgotten to bring the gun with him. That same day, the sister and her boyfriend borrowed the car. When they got back, grandpa finally remembered and went to go get it. Two guns are now missing. Because the second gun was nina’s, pa finally had a reason to let Nina know. He also had a bunch of gold and silver coins that he had planned on selling in order to pay for the sister’s first and last payment for a place. He wanted them out of the house but since those coins went missing along with the gun, he has nothing else to pay for their place. The sister and boyfriend really fucked up. They have nothing now. I hope they’re both gone soon and forever.

The cops are coming over tomorrow. Will keep y’all updated.

Edit 10/24/2018: Fiancé said the cops came by today and they all gave their statements and they’re looking at a 30 year prison sentence.

Edit 11/4/2018: Grandpa didn’t press charges because he didn’t want to be the reason of her ruining. He wanted her own actions to determine her fate. But she is banned from the property and the police said that she’ll be charged for trespassing and will go to prison if she steps foot on their yard.

Last weekend, the sister called fiancé at 1 am and said, “I don’t know if you’ve heard this but I got into a car accident today. May I please “borrow” $50?” Fiancé and I were in Georgia for a race and he said no. Later on, we found out that she had called Grandma and grandpa and mom and they all said no. She was upset and told grandma that she will never see the baby ever again. Grandma says ok.

The baby was in the car during the crash. Earlier this week, the baby had a fever and was vomiting. They took her to the hospital. When they got sent home, the baby’s nurse called the cops ASAP because the 2-month old infant had bilateral rib fractures.

Cops came by to fiance’s home looking for sister and boyfriend. He didn’t know where they were.

Later on this week, the baby was admitted in the hospital again. I was at work at a different unit but same hospital and I came straight to her room. Mom and fiancé were there. They were upset. Sister and boyfriend were at the police station for questioning.

The fractures weren’t from abuse but from the impact of their friend grabbing the baby during the crash. He protected her from further impact.

Grandma and grandpa’s been out of town since Thursday. Sister and baby currently lives with boyfriend and boyfriend’s family. They sent grandma a text yesterday asking if they could take a shower at her place. That’s really weird. Why would they want to take a shower at grandma’s if they’re living with boyfriend’s family? They have their own bathroom.. so why? Hmmm..

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