Who is the most entertaining criminal to never be caught?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 14, 2020 04:56 AM

The British people woke up one February morning in 1855 to a heavy snowfall. I very much doubt they were surprised until they left their houses and looked up.

For a distance of a reported forty to one hundred miles there were bizarre hoofprints in the snow.

These prints were found in over thirty spots from pipes to roofs to walls, even in areas unreachable by people.

This baffled the townsfolk. They had no evidence, no crime really, just a bizarre set of circumstances.

This was chalked up to religion, as so many explainable events are. It was all too easy to blame the “Ol’ Deluder” and that was that.

Some bizarre theories were put forth such as a balloon trailing shackles behind, badgers, mice and even a kangaroo.

Personally I think it was just a prankster who took advantage of a bunch of gullible townspeople.

These are known as kangaroo stilts and they give you the ability to jump up to five feet high and run about forty mph. I’m sure that in the two thousand odd years of recorded history someone has had the idea.

Someone on a pair of stilts that had a special carved print could’ve climbed the roofs pretty soundlessly. It would have to be a lot of people to cover one hundred miles but it’s not implausible if you think about it.

What I think is funny is the immediate conclusion is that the Devil took a stroll across the villagers’ rooftops. His wings must’ve been tired I suppose.

I’m sure a group of guys had a good laugh about it over drinks the next day.

End of the day it’s still a mystery 150 years later so someone did something right.

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