Who is the worst enemy of Asif Ali Zardari?


Who is the worst enemy of Asif Ali Zardari?

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  1. His worst enemy, i am so sure i know this……… HIMSELF

    He was son of a feudal and belonging to big feudal family, but nothing special him. Not highly educated, no achievement in life, nothing out of ordinary.

    Then he hits a jackpot, he somehow got married to Benazir Bhutto – Wikipedia an extraordinary woman with significant achievements….. daugter of former politician, led a movement against dictatorship, first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan, held the office twice, author.

    Unfortunately, Ms Bhutto was assassinated but with mysterious turn of events this guy hits another jackpot, he becomes the President of Pakistan in 2009 (even Ms Bhutto never considered him for the job when she was selected PM, twice). After he became President, the reputation of Pakistan People’s Party was never able to recover from political turmoil and became a provincial party from being the biggest political party in Pakistan.

    I say he is his own biggest enemy because he was a nobody with money, and fate gave him big chances but he chose to be known as a thug and corrupt politician. He not only destroyed Ms Bhutto’s reputation but also her political party. And now he is in jail for crimes like money laundering, illegal bank accounts and properties and corruption.

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