Who is your favorite Disney villain?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 04, 2020 03:45 PM

Here are my top 12 favourite Disney villains, just to be clear Pixar does not count since its not part of disney canon.

12. Lady Tremaine – The evil stepmother is an example of a person who has little real power (like many more villains you will see on this list) but can do a lot, just her mere presence is enough to be intimidated. Unlike say, the Dursley family who yell and scream to get what they want, Tremaine just calmly but firmly makes her demands clear and Cinderella (reluctantly) follows them. Calm, cool and collected this sis a Lady you would not want to run into in a dark alley. Also her evil stare will terrify you.

11. Jafar – Jafar is a cool cat. Expanded: He is someone who lusts for power and has a lot of fun doing it. He has a plan set in motion from the start and is determined to see it through. But I think what I love most about Jafar are two things; one is his voice acting, his actor can go from calm and collected with a slithering voice to full on ruthless in a matter of seconds, plus it blends perfectly with the animation. The other is that he is in a movie that NEEDS a villain, while not every movie necessarily needs a villain it needs someone or something to set things in motion and if it wasn’t for Jafar’s lust for power all of our hero’s would still be “trapped”. Thank you Jafar.

10. Yzma – Imagine if Jafar and Cruella De Vill got married and had a daughter; It would be none other than Yzma who is easily one of Disney’s funniest villains. Although I’m in that minority that wishes Disney stuck with “Kingdom of the Sun” (TENG original version) I can’t deny that Yzma is still one of the best disney villains ever. Not every villain needs to be pure evil or insane but they have to at least be entertaining Eartha Kitt’s performance in synchronization with the fast paced animation is entertainment. Every scene with her and Kronk is just pure hilarity. But really, why do they even have that lever?

9. Sher Khan – The best thing about Shere Khan is that he’s not in the movie until the last 20 minutes. AND THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. The first 2/3 of the movie there is a strong focus on his objective; Kill Mowglii. The way he’s explained by other characters just makes him so intimidating. When he’s introduced he’s even more threatening than how he’s explained. He doesn’t even need to do much to prove how much of a titan he is. On top of that he is so confident in his power that he doesn’t even need any henchman to do his dirty work.

8. Captain Hook – He has been one of my favourite villains since I was a little kid. What I love about Hook is his drive to get revenge. While many villains are after power, gold or some other trivial pursuit, Hook just wants one thing; Revenge on Peter Pan for cutting off his hand. He has a lot of fun setting traps for Pan and its even more fun for us to watch his plans backfire. Men like Hook are the type of people that put wealth, fame and glory to the side in favour of the thrill of the hunt.

7. Gaston – A very different kind of (Disney) villain. While most villains start off pure evil with a clear cut motive, Gaston just starts off as a jerk with a clear cut motive; marry Belle. As time goes on, he gets more desperate and finally snaps when he realizes Belle has feelings for a hideous monster. He’s so used to being in 1st place he can’t stand being in 2nd (or for Belle, last). What makes him great is that he directly parallels the Beast, as Gaston becomes more and more rabid the Beast becomes more humble and ultimately its Gaston’s own “Beastly” nature that leads to his demise.

6. Professor Ratigan – Another fun villain and perhaps the perfect balance between being funny and threatening. One of the highlights of Ratigan is his voice actor Vincent Price. His performance is in such synchronization with the animation that its literally flawless. With most celebrities you can sort of separate the two but with Price you can’t. Ratigan is there, alive and menacing. He makes being evil fun.

5. Ursula – Ursula is the type of person that tries to convince you she’s good but it is clear she’s not and she doesn’t care, being evil is too much fun. Like most villains all she really wants is power but she looks so good doing it. She is so determined to get what she wants it ironically parallels our hero Arial who also has unbreakable drive and that is what makes a great villain.

4. Frollo – Where to start with Frollo, he’s committed practically every sin in the book but is convinced its forgivable since he believes he’s doing it for God. In the first 5 minutes of the film, he kills an innocent woman and tries to drown her baby. This is a Disney film right? Well again Frollo is in complete denial about his actions and as the film goes along, his lust for Esmerelda (yes a Disney film) drives him over the edge. His sheer stubbornness to admit his sins and the lengths he goes to get what he wants makes him more deserving to be in the top 5.

3. Maleficent – Word of the wise: Never snub this witch. Malificent’s motive comes from the King and Queen not inviting her to the princesses baby shower. From there she curses the princess and she’s pretty much the real star of the movie. I always found Sleeping Beauty to be something of a mixed bag. On the one hand, it has amazing visuals, music and side characters, on the other hand, its leads are dull and its story feels kinda cluttered. But Maleficent is just amazing. The way she acts, the way she moves, the way she changes shape — just give her V/A and her animation team all friggin Oscars.

2. Scar – The Lion King was my favourite film as a kid and is now my 2nd favourite Disney film and part of that comes from the villain Scar. His motivation is clear: become king — no matter what. He actually makes a very good plan in killing Mufasa which leads to one of the most shocking moments in Disney history. He successfully kills a good character and unlike Frollo, its one we got to know. A few people have problems with Scar in the 2nd half of the movie with him becoming more childish, but to me this symbolizes that Scar is not the right leader and only cares about himself, while Simba grows out of his arrogant nature and puts the needs of others ahead of himself. His death is also one of my favourite deaths, unlike Maleficent or Ursula who die of circumstance, Scar dies because he lied too much and it landed him in a corner with his vengeful minions. Classy, vile, and above all, ruthless Scar is everything you want in a villain.

Honorable mentions: Evil Queen, Cruella De Vil, Prince John, Horned King, Hades, Dr. Facilier.

Chernabog – While some may argue whether he is the devil or not, his role in the finale to Disney’s magnum opus Fantasia makes one thing clear: He is evil incarnated. The moment he appears on screen, he makes his intent known: spread every negative emotion there is through the night. His actions make you afraid and you should be! He is manipulating life itself for his sick ambitions. All other villains (one way or another) take inspiration from Chernabog/Satan. Even one negative emotion can be considered an inspiration from him. He is the ultimate evil, he is wickedness incarnated, he cannot be redeemed, he will continue to fight against the light forever, but as long as there is good in the world, it will fight back just as hard. If evil had a form, this would be it.

Thanks for taking the time to read the list!!

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