Who owns the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)?


Who owns the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)?

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  1. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is owned by BSE limited which is expected to launch an IPO soon. The exchange is owned by many different financial entities. Although the percentage keeps changing based on transactions, I can give you the latest details of the top 10 shareholders as of FY2016:

    Deutsche Boerse AG – 4.75%
    Singapore Exchange – 4.75%
    State Bank of India – 4.75%
    Life Insurance Corporation – 4.68%
    GKFF Ventures – 4.58%
    Quantum (M) – 3.74
    Caldwell India Holdings – 3.74%
    Atticus Mauritius Limited – 3.74%
    Acacia Banyan Partners – 3.74%
    Bajaj Holdings & Investments – 2.8%
    There is an upper limit of how much one entity can own in a stock exchange and hence the ownership is so divided. For your information, world famous investor George Soros owns 3.74% of BSE limited via Quantum (M). He had bought a stake of 4–5% during 2011. A lot of old Indian stockbrokers also have ownership in the exchange.

    Currently the MD & CEO of the exchange is Ashish Kumar Chauhan who once played a pivotal role in setting up National Stock Exchange (NSE). When he left, he was VP of the exchange. The company has a host of other intellectuals as Board of Directors.

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