Who will be the next prime minister of Pakistan if Nawaz Sharif leaves the post?

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  1. If the Supreme Court disqualifies Nawaz Sharif, which they should, never again are we seeing any PML-N leader as a Prime Minister. Hell, they might even abolish the party then. I think its time Nawaz Sharif leaves the Prime Ministry so democracy could flourish.

    lets look at all the options:
    Chaudry Nisar (CN)
    Imran Khan (IK)
    Fazl-ur_rehman (Maulana Diesel)
    Shahbaz Sharif (SS)
    Bilawala Bhutto (LOL)

    A month back, I might have voted for CN as he is probably the only person with a brain not filled with food/money in PML-N. Since the Panama issue came to surface and PM has been labeled as CORRUPT, he has distanced himself from the Sharif family. So yes, he might be a contender. But if PM Nawaz Sharif is disqualified, PML-N will be no more existent. So we will have to see

    IK is an option for all. The educated population will for sure vote for IK (including myself) The only issue with him is the fact that majority of our population sees roads and bridges as a measure of “work done” So a lot aren’t in favor of him. for example, His policies will include tax reforms, which will help the country as a whole but many businesses which don’t give taxes won’t support his such policy.

    Fazl-ur-Rehman. I don’t even know what to say to Maulana Diesel. This guy has the authority to give Fatwas. A highest authority in the Muslim leader chain. but look at him. Corrupt. Illiterate. Liar. His wealth is a lot in the stock exchanges, things which are considered Haram in Islam. Who will vote for him? The Taliban? or the 10 wives each illiterate mullah has in the country? No wait, they’re not allowed to even look outside their houses.

    Shahbaz Sharif doesn’t have brains to lead a country. No offense to you sir. Shahbaz Sharif is highly dependent on his brother. So there might be a possibility that NS may leave the post and give it to his brother. So it’ll be like SS is only a puppet PM. a long shot. But still possible in a perfect world.

    Lastly our beloved Muhtarma Bilawala Bhutto. He can’t lead a nation. He can’t even lead his party without translation! Naahh a big NONO. The only reason he doesn’t want Sindh to develop is because if people become literate, PPP would be no more.

    Short answers for all. But of course, its Pakistan. Anything is possible. Nawaz Sharif may be declared completely innocent and he might even continue with his prime ministership. What a sad day it would be…

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