Who will win the IPL 2020?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 21, 2020 05:21 AM

Before we start analysing let’s take time to decide what are we trying to achieve and what are our criterias for it

Let’s begin:-

Basic criterias-
Team composition- Here we are looking at all the 20–25 players that are available for the franchisee after the auction on 3rd week of december. Looking at buys and retained players- MI, DC, KKR, RCB are best placed.
Home/Over seas players – Even if you have all best players from all around the world, you are allowed to play only four. Therefore your team should have correct composition of Indian & Over seas players. Looking at this all teams look the same, you expect it from them as well. DC might have some (just some) upper hand
Advanced Criterias:

Home Ground – You might think what role does it play. Ever wondered why chennai takes so many spinners, mumbai buys death bowlers and banglore haven’t won even after virat and ab at full flow (sorry for the last one though). It’s very important to know the ground where you play 7 of your 14 matches, it’s condition, it’s wicket and whether your players are suited for it. CSK/MI know it very well. RCB/Delhi/RR still struggling.
Home/Away fixtures – This is a fixture which tells you how good is your team in winning outside their own palisade. CSK/MI/SRH are best placed in this criteria as seen from previous seasons and due to their sport staff and experience.
Captaincy – Dhoni/Rohit/Williamson, these are the guys who trust their players to execute the plans they have. A good skipper is one who bets on rookie than a horse, he knows when to strangulate the opposition and send a berserker to explode. Experience of your team wins you matches, but experience of your captain makes you win moments that win you thrillers and tournaments.
Position/Player Mapping – Most important and underrated feature for sure. I will illustrate this with an example- let’s consider Delhi Capitals in season 2020 – they bought Hetmeyer for 7.75 crores, but where would he play, which position. He is not going to come till 5 for sure – Jason roy, Dhawan, Rahane, Shaw, Shreyas, Pant are there. He isn’t andre russel or msd who can finish. Therefore you have bought a player without thinking of the position. When you select your squad you choose players who play at certain position not only they know their roles they are expert at that too. Another example – Why ponting, gambhir, root will never make make it to all time odi11 – because you have a guy named Kohli to play at 3 and all these were/are number 3 players.
Death bowlers – Well this is an area where MI have done phd for sure. A death bowler will not only save runs he will shift the momentum in your favour if you are chasing and win you thrillers. All other teams either have good ballers with new ball or are playing with non specialist bowlers.
Optional criteria- (msd alert )

Age of players: There should always be an optimum mix of experience and youth in your team. Youth has the flamboyance, experience has the situation awareness, youth has adrenaline flow experience has situation awareness. Exception – csk
Support staff: They are helpful to an extent only as they react not act on a situation, that’s the reason they are under optional criteria. But good support staff adds onto your moral and confidence. CSK/DC/MI/KKR/SRH have good support staff.
Therefore based on these factors my bet for IPL 2020 is MI.

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