Who will win the T20 World Cup 2020 in Australia?

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Mudassir Ali 3 months 1 Answer 60 views 0

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  1. How you can predict at this point that his team will going to win the next year T20 World Cup? I think no one will give you the answer to this question at the present moment.

    I already said several times that in the T20 cricket format you can never pick a winner because in just a span of 6 balls the game is completely changed. If you are in the batting team and and you have a good 6 balls then the match will tilt in your favour and if you are a bowler and the same thing happened if you got one or two wickets in that over then the momentum will shift towards the fielding team.

    T20 is a shorter format of cricket and every team has a chance to win on their day. There is a time left in the T20 World Cup which will take place in Australia in the next year 2020. So we have to wait and see series by series how the things will go for each and individual team.

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