who win IPL is the leader of Domestic T20 leagues?

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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 05, 2020 05:02 AM

Thanks for the A2A 🙂

No. That might never happen.


IPL is the leader of Domestic T20 leagues.

The PSL, Caribbean Premier League, Big Bash League, or even the Bangladesh Premier League, have all evolved from the Indian Premier League.

IPL started way back in 2008, and there was no major T20 league happening at that time. It’s been 10 seasons till now and still the tournament keeps growing.

Nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, West Indies decided to start a domestic T20 league only after seeing the success of the IPL.

And starting early will always give IPL an edge over its counterparts.

IPL is funded by the world’s richest cricket body.

The IPL is conducted by the BCCI – which is the richest cricket body in the world – and it knows how to allocate funds to make sure that the tournament gets the limelight it deserves all over the world.

It spends a lot of money in media rights, marketing, sponsorship deals and what not. It gets the best auctioneer. It hosts the best opening ceremonies.

IPL auctions are broadcasted and attract lot of viewership. Every major company wants to be a sponsor in IPL.

For PSL, it has started a lot later than IPL and it is still in a process of gaining popularity all over the world. Also, the PCB might not be having enough funds to run it as successfully as the IPL – over a long period of time.

IPL’s huge fan following.

IPL fans are everywhere. In every city. In every suburb of India.

Cricket in India is like a religion to many. The people here would always be ready to line up in queues so that they could get a match ticket.

Also, every cricketer desires to play in the IPL. Every cricketer knows that if he performs well in IPL, the opportunities are endless. Because of a long history, he feels that IPL is a great platform to showcase the talent, and also to earn some extra money.

And rightly so. The IPL has given many cricketers a place in their national teams – it has been a powerhouse of talent and opportunities. It has tasted success over the years.

Whereas, I doubt if PSL still attracts as many players as the IPL, and I think it is way behind IPL when it comes to popularity. PSL might also attract lots of fans with time, but it wouldn’t be enough to get past IPL’s numbers.


I’d say that IPL will continue to stand tall as a leader in the domestic T20 leagues, for many more years to come. I think it won’t face much competition from other T20 leagues, because it has it’s own unique style – a style that is liked by cricket fans from all around the world.

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