Who would a war between the USA and Iran hurt?


Who would a war between the USA and Iran hurt?

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  1. Iran is the current iteration of an ancient people who have faced and survived conflicts with much worthier foes than today’s ‘bully of the world’. The U.S. is a collection of peoples without a common history, without a common interest and lacking a respectable common cause. It is best identified as a composite of humans living in a system that effectuates the elimination of viable community living and perpetuates atomization, individualization and personal insecurity. In effect, the life of each individual is shaped by darwanistic/capitalistic moral tenets. Under this system, the original sin of being ‘culturally insignificant’ can only be expiated by becoming officially certified as having met recognizable socio/economic value standards. These standards are established and imposed by those who dominate the financial-industrial-political and communication complex. This constitutes the modern manorial system that determines which individuals merit salvation and can be accorded recognition as a significant person. Iran is truly a nation and Iranians do not have to earn significance as an Iranian person. America is only a ragtag collection of expatriate wannabes driven by a misdirected ambition to accumulate meaningless symbols to disguise basic personal insecurity and descending international prominence. In short, we can disregard the Iranian question; the more important question is whether the U.S. can win the raging war within its own borders and become a nation.

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